Goodbye Chloé Comme Parris, hello Beaufille!

Chloe Comme Parris Beaufille
Photography by Aleks Kocev /
Chloe Comme Parris Beaufille
Parris and Chloe Gordon with Littledoe designer Chase Cohl. Photography by Aleks Kocev /

It’s likely that if you live in Toronto, have any semblance of interest in the fashion industry, you have at least heard murmurs of the talented sister designer duo Chloé and Parris Gordon. Their most recent Fall 2013 collection was received with serious accolades from major fashion editors, giving the 1990s grunge trend a kick with a collection that Courtney Love would definitely rock alongside her Saint Laurent wardrobe. Formerly dubbed Chloé Comme Parris, the pair unveiled an exciting new era for their brand, announcing a surprising name change. Bye bye CCP, hello Beaufille!

Loosely translated as “handsome girl,” the designers’ new monicker encapsulates the androgynous, badass aesthetic that the girls have honed since debuting at Toronto Fashion Week with their Fall 2011 collection. Since then, Chloé (the tomboy of the team who focuses on textiles and garments) and Parris (who crafts the duo’s covetable jewellery and accessories) have continued to impress season after season, solidifying their spot as the go-to local designer for the young fashion set aiming to marry a bit of punk rock with a subtle sensuality. Chloé and Parris emphasize that Beaufille may not be for every woman. “It’s for a specific girl who has an eye for details and construction; something unique and artistic.”

The Gordon sisters have been keeping busy since showing at Toronto Fashion Week last month. The pair debuted an exciting new collaboration, Littledoe x Beaufille alongside Toronto-born accessories designer Chase Cohl (daughter of former Rolling Stones tour manager Michael Cohl) with a celeb-studded bash at Bar Marmont in LA last week, attracting the likes of Gossip Girl Jessica Szhor, fellow celeb-daughter Dakota Johnson (daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith) and the infectiously hilarious Brit Lucy Punch. The collection combines the two brand’s festival-chic aesthetic into a capsule collection which includes printed silk suits, lace minidresses, wide brim hats adorned with edgy chain-detailing and some sick new jewels with an emphasis on rough-hewn diamonds (their diamond rings even double as guitar slides—say whaaa??) Though there are no concrete plans for future collaborations, working with like-minded designers will definitely be an important part of Beaufille’s future. And after this successful first-try, who knows might be hopping on board.

Luckily for us, the bad-assest (so cool they warrant a new vernacular) aren’t planning to abandon their home front anytime soon. They assure me that not only will they continue to work alongside the team at The Collections and will continue to show their collections at Toronto Fashion Week “for the foreseeable future.” Toronto is in their blood, and this city has embraced the young women with open arms. “Toronto is definitely a city on the rise. It’s exciting to be a part of the fabric that makes up the excitement in this city.” The girls told me over email from their busy trip to Montreal. “We love being here for that reason — really feeling like we are a part of something up and coming, that could make a difference in this industry.” 
Only time will tell what comes next for the Gordon sisters. But with their brand reaching out into the international market, the world is, as they say, their oyster.

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