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7 Traditional Chinese New Year Fashion and Beauty Rituals that Might Surprise You

We may have welcomed year 2017 less than a month ago, but millions of others (me included) will be getting another opportunity to ring in the New Year comes Saturday January 28th.

Chinese New Year is a time when you gather with your families and enjoy traditional festivities that includes lion dances, big feasts and lucky pocket exchanges while celebrating the year’s zodiac animal (FYI, it’s the Year of the Rooster). But before the clock strikes midnight, a lot of preparation and superstition-based rituals happen before the first day of the lunar calendar.

It’s a well-known fact that the annual lunar holiday is a prime time for retail. It’s due to the fact that during this 15-day festival, the Chinese are in complete spending mode—and with good reason. Little did you know, part of the New Year tradition is to find ways to bring good fortune for the rest of the year and that includes buying new clothes and/or working a new look.

Unfortunately, many of these traditional practices are forgotten and are no longer followed to a tee. So as a big believer in keeping with these traditions, I’ve compiled a guide to understanding six pre-Chinese New Year fashion and beauty rituals you ought to know about. Because celebrating Chinese New Year or not, anyone can get on board with these “new year, new me” customs, especially when it involves mandatory shopping this weekend.