Charlottetown: Breaking news–sundresses have power to change weather

Photography by Patrick Callbeck
Photography by Patrick Callbeck

I have a secret. My hatred of the months of February and March sometimes results in irrational, denial-fuelled shopping trips. In a feeble attempt to will winter to end, I find myself purchasing summer dresses, floral and even (I hesitate to write this next word, because I can practically hear the sharp intake of breath that usually precedes my mother’s hearty disapproval) flip-flops.

My friends Gil and Katie share my belief that fashion can dictate weather, so we spent a day together last week each seeking a dress so powerful and sunny that anyone who viewed it would know that the end of slush, snow and black ice was near. It would be like Santa Claus bringing spring to the inhabitants of Narnia after a hundred years of winter.

The magic frock appeared to be elusive: Katie, Gil and I wandered though four different second-hand shops without seeing so much as a single item that resembled the swingy summer dress we pictured in our minds. These same stores were still carrying warm coats, hiking boots and fur hats. We felt sick.

Finally Gil hit pay dirt at The Green Man Vintage and Vinyl (48 University Ave., 902-566-1361). The dress was actually a peasant skirt with an underbelly of crinoline. Gil hiked it up, accessorized with a red belt and picked out some cowboy boots.  Katie lucked out next at Froggies (9 Jordan Cr., 902-892-4606) with a plucky dress that was covered in images of swing sets, houses and trees. She was so inspired for summer that she later went home and danced to the Beach Boys. I found my optimistic summer dress at Repeats (95 Capitol Dr., 902-892-0200) and discovered that when paired with tough boots it would be perfect for a Sassy magazine cover circa 1992.

With our new purchases we felt fully armed against the last of the awful Island months and ready to will good weather into being. Interestingly, the next day was unseasonably warm, mild and sunny. Coincidence? I think not.

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