Charlottetown: Pure fun at Shear Talent

I am the queen of the home haircut disaster. To save a few dollars here and there I have, over the years, attempted to cut, perm and dye my own hair. (Please note that it has never once been worth it.) My most embarrassing memory involves a self-bang trim, dull scissors and lousy so-called organic dye that turned my hair a lovely shade of clown purple. So a few weeks ago, when my premature grays began poking through the years of layered dye jobs, my hipper, cooler friends subtly suggested that I splurge and get a cut and dye at Charlottetown’s most fun hair salon: Shear Talent.

Those who frequent Shear Talent Hair Studio & Pure Medi-Esthetics (117 Queen St, 2nd Floor, 902-566-5254, do so for three main reasons. The first (and most obvious) being a superior cut, and trust me it truly is a superior cut. Owner Darlene Kelly has been cutting hair for 25 years, has a million different aesthetics and hair styling certificates and is basically a hairstyling messiah/visionary. She transformed my almost mullet into the chicest bob I have ever seen (eat your heart out Posh Spice) and brought life and shine back into hair that’s been mistreated and chemically processed for years. The second reason? Location. The little shop is on Queen Street, adjacent to an independent art theatre, several small boutiques and a Pilates studio. It also overlooks Victoria Row which, in the summer, is defined by it’s bustling street cafes, bar scene, and live jazz music. Finally, Shear Talent is Charlottetown’s most amazing salon because of its amazing staff. These professionals are super fashionable, talented, fun, and could gossip about anything (including independent music, boys and pop culture) for hours.

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