Charlottetown: Milks and Rectangles

Photography by Patrick Callbeck
Photography by Patrick Callbeck

What’s a Milks and Rectangles look like?

You can spot a milk (or a rectangle, as the case may be) a million miles away. These four 20-something, East Coast based band members, Justin Uyterlinde (guitar), Mike Carver (drums), Christian Ledwell (guitar and vocals), and Brandon Williams (bass and microKORG) are easily identified in their baseball tees, suspenders, vests, Ray-Bans, shaggy haircuts and awkward Michael Cera-esque grins that inevitably melt even the most cynical and jaded of hearts.

What do Milks and Rectangles sound like?
They sound like a band that’s more than worth multiple spins, because each repeated listen reveals something, a new layer, a new feeling, that you missed on the last go-round. More specifically, Milks and Rectangles are making intelligent, catchy, constantly shifting indie rock that kind of reminds me of Franz Ferdinand and kind of makes me dance around my living room.

Where can I hear more about this band?
The band has been spending the summer touring around the Maritimes in support of their upcoming release Civic Virtues, produced and engineered by Daniel Ledwell (In-Flight Safety, The Prospector’s Union). Check out their MySpace and Facebook pages for concert dates.

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