caring for down
Photography via IMAXTREE

All The Need-To-Knows for Taking Care of Down

Right "down" to proper storing habits.

Canadian winters mean we need to have some of the best jackets on the market—many of which are usually down-filled. But when investing in such a piece, knowing how to care for it is crucial in making it last. From storing it for three quarters of the year to washing off everything it comes in contact with throughout the season, there is a lot to consider. Here are the basic steps for caring for down, according to YouTuber Melissa Maker of Clean My Space.

How to clean/wash it:
1. Remove everything from pockets and zip up the item, if needed.
2. Follow the care label provided. In general, launder in cold water with a low sudsing detergent (ie. Tide HE Turbo), since you want to ensure all soap and residue is gone once you’ve washed everything.
3. Use a gentle cycle; too much spinning can ruin the down.
4. When drying, run the item through several ‘fluff’ dry cycles. Use tumbling and very low heat – too much heat can be harmful as can too much action.
5. Add a few tennis balls or dryer balls into the dryer to help beat out the moisture and re-shape the down.
6. Do not take the item out until it is completely dry. Avoid air drying or else mold and mildew can form.

How to store it:
Place within a breathable bag in a non-damp environment.