Cannes 2014: The best men’s fashion moments (and by that we mean eye candy)

Cannes 2014 Men Fashion
Cannes 2014 Men Fashion

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Images of beautiful women in couture gowns gracing the Cannes red carpet have dominated web buzz for the last several days and though we can’t get enough, we think it’s time for a valid chiffon pause in honour of Hollywood’s snappiest gentleman dressers. The Cannes 2014 red carpet has been good for men’s fashion, from Gucci lapels to laid back button downs.

Who are we kidding—roll out the eye candy!

A very grown-up Robert Pattinson emerged for the premiere of his new work, Maps to the Stars, looking festival apropos in all black and sporting a shorter, more mature (and therefore, more hot) haircut. And, whether Ryan Gosling was intentionally smoldering for the camera, or blinded by the Cannes sun, he seemed to gaze right through the lens and directly into our souls. The Canadian heartthrob looked handsome as ever in a light blue button up, brown trousers, and well-worn brown leather shoes. Blake Lively’s red carpet co-star Ryan Reynolds pulled his fashion weight wearing head-to-toe Gucci with a Bulgari watch (those two sure know how to work the red carpet)! With all the cinema excitement along the Riviera, one thing remains clear, no one can rock a light beige three-piece suit better than Adrien Brody.

From the appropriately-unbuttoned and un-tucked day wear, to the perfectly tailored evening suits, we’ve got the best of the best Cannes 2014 men’s fashion right here. Click away, but wipe that drool off your chin, there’s more coming as we add to this throughout the festival.

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