7 partygoers on the Canadian designers they’ll be wearing at tonight’s CAFA Awards

A look from Tanya Taylor's Fall 2016 collection

Tonight, the third-annual CAFA Awards will take to Toronto, honouring the best in Canadian fashion. It promises to be a glittering, A-list stacked affair, with everyone from Kim Cattrall (she’s hosting) to Elle MacPherson (she’s the Vanguard Award winner) in attendance. What better time to celebrate the best of what we’ve got going on at home, and hey, to wear it too? Here, 7 of tonight’s nominees and attendees share their Canadian-designed wardrobe picks. As for me, I’ll be trying not to scoop my entire dinner into these amazingly giant Beaufille sleeves.

Sarah Gadon

“The true mark of a fashion legend is a person who doesn’t just dress a generation, but whose designs transcend many generations. Wayne Clarke has become an institution.”

Tanya Taylor
Nominee, International Designer of the Year

“I’m wearing a look from our fall collection. I wanted to wear something that I could have fun in—it’s young, playful and is my version of perfect eveningwear, doesn’t take itself too seriously but has a little drama. At my table is Mosha Lundstrom, Brittany Barkwell and Jessi Cruikshank and they will all be wearing TT too!”

Bernadette Morra
Editor-in-chief, FASHION Magazine

“Very rarely do I know exactly what I am wearing to a gala. Often I will have one thing in mind and then go with another. I find it very hard to pre-plan what I am going to wear in advance, but I’ll be wearing Greta Constantine. It has to suit my mood of the moment. So my mood tonight will either fun and bright or formal elegance. Stay tuned!”

Sabrina Maddeaux

“I’m wearing a floor-length white Greta Constantine gown. It’s actually a wedding dress, but I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon so I’m wearing it now.”

Chloé Gordon, Beaufille
Nominee, The Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent

“I’m wearing a mid-calf wrap dress from our Fall 2016 collection. It’s made from a textured black and white looking fur made from virgin wool and mohair. I am usually in a pant suit, but i thought it would be good to switch it up for this special night.”

Suzanne Cohon
Pricipal, ASC Public Relations

“I’ll be wearing a dark moss green Greta Constantine jumpsuit. It’s got lots of fabric so I can eat to my heart’s content!”

Odessa Paloma Parker
Fashion editor, Globe and Mail

“For the CAFAs this year I’m using a something old, something new approach. For the new, my Paloma dress from Tanya Taylor’s Spring 2016 collection (how could I resist buying it?). I am so excited for her CAFA nomination for Best International Designer. And for the old, a chartreuse Comrags slip that I bought while working there about 10 years ago. A bit of colourful sparkle from Rebekah Price will tie it all together.”