Calgary shop notes: 5 minutes with Paul Hardy

Paul Hardy, $2,295
Paul Hardy, $2,295
Paul Hardy, $2,295
Paul Hardy, $2,295

This spring, Calgary designer Paul Hardy hit the barre. Known for his ultra-feminine, unstructured looks, Hardy is designing the costumes for the Alberta Ballet’s Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, a performance inspired by and set to the music of Canadian songstress Sarah McLachlan.

Where and when do you feel most creative?
“I am very creative when flying. I travel a lot and sit for long, uninterrupted periods of time. I often design my collection mid-air.”

What was your inspiration for the Fumbling Towards Ecstasy costumes?
“I’ve spent endless hours listening to the tracks for the ballet, visualizing the costumes. There is a layered quality in both the content and the sound. It works so well with my designs.”
What were the influences for your spring collection?
“Oddly enough, I was influenced by the creation of the ballet costumes. I’ve used lots of paler colours, nudes and blushes.”

What are you doing for fall?
“I’ve been fascinated by what the dancers wear for rehearsal. They pull together the most obscure combinations of proportion, cut and textiles. They will wear a fitted camisole with sloppy, quirky track pants. For fall, I’ve done a track pant—comfortable, yes, but cut from cashmere flannel.”

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