Calgary: Get Gorgeous

We all have our own definition of beauty and this notion grows and renovates itself over time.  For example, today I happen to think that the scar on my forehead from a recent snowboarding accident is healing beautifully.  Don’t get me wrong, my interpretation of my once unsightly war wound has evolved over the past four weeks.  But what’s a girl to do but embellish her mind-numbing tale of how her battle scar came to be and ultimately embrace it.  I could go on and on about how beauty is skin deep, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, blah, blah, blah…but deep down you already know that.  If you ask me, if you’re gonna talk the talk, you might as well walk to walk, like personal stylist Karen Judge of Gorgeous studio (

Fueled by the passion that women need to promote one another and learn to play up their individual strengths, Judge launched Studio Gorgeous a year and a half ago.  Gorgeous is a place that celebrates women, providing resources, expertise and an environment to cultivate your personal style despite budget, age or size.

Karen believes we have only three seconds to make a first impression and how you present yourself is directly related to how you expect to be treated.  Unearthing the gorgeous woman within or dusting off and refining your existing gorgeous self is what Judge does best.  By booking either a one-on-one session or group presentations, she will steer you in a fashionable direction that best reflects who you are.

If you’re not alone in your pursuit for polished style, get a few gal pals together and Karen will throw a Girlfriend party.  She will bring out her K-List, a carefully selected assortment of seasonal must-haves.  Plus, what’s a girlie get-together without jewellery?  Gorgeous carries a handful of lines in-house, including celeb fav Good Charma (shown) (

It’s hard to even think of the Calgary Stampede when Mother Nature graced us with a couple feet of snow this week, but Karen has already saddled up and is in the midst of developing a pre-Stampede style event scheduled for June 19. Gorgeous holds monthly style parties, including an upcoming beach party event showcasing the swimwear and summer dresses, as well as jewellery featured in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition.  Looking down at my pasty skin doesn’t exactly get me in the mood for bathing suit shopping, but Karen promises the laughter and chit-chat will outweigh any anxiety stirring within.