Would You Buy Balenciaga For Your Kids?

Would You Buy Your Kid $330 Balenciaga Sweats?

I might. SSENSE is selling them.

Full disclosure: I have children. So I know the craziness of trying to dress them nice, but I also know what it’s like to give up on dressing them nice because they either a) trash the stuff  b) lose it c) hate what I choose. So when SSENSE announced it would be selling Balenciaga Kids, I had an instant “awwwwww,” response because, of course I want it for them. You always want to give your kids what you can’t have.

According to SSENSE, Balenciaga Kids is just another way creative director Demna Gvasalia, “brings his trademark disruption of high-end fashion to fresh territory.” The kids line is gender-neutral and riffs off Gvasalia’s wholesome fascination with off-duty office dads in the park with their kids. The kids line offers miniature versions of sweatshirts and t-shirts in Balenciaga’s well-known styles such as the Bernie Sanders-inspired campaign logo as well as new designs and graphics specific to the children’s line.

“We knew right away after seeing it in the men’s runway show that the collection would resonate with our audience,” said Brigitte Chartrand, SSENSE Womenswear Buying Director. “They aren’t just interested in dressing themselves in Balenciaga, but their kids too.”

When product arrived at SSENSE headquarters in Montreal, staffers took the opportunity to involve their own children in a “take your kids to work,” editorial shoot that has little SSENSE spawn running from meeting to meeting, in their Speed Trainers, with the occasional break for a quick episode of Paw Patrol or a juice box. More “awwwwws,” over here.

Balenciaga Kids range from $330 to $460 and fit 2 to 10 year olds.