Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images

How To Build A Non-Basic Capsule Wardrobe

There’s a myriad of good reasons to downsize to a capsule wardrobe: reducing the need to shop has positive environmental impacts, as well as whittling down can also help foster a deeper understanding of your own personal style. But the downside of wearing less items of clothing than there are days in a month is that your wardrobe can devolve into an indistinguishable sea of painfully boring neutrals.

It’s a joy to be able to pick two items without even thinking about it, but the process can become counterintuitive if all the clothing you own makes you feel drab. It’s important to note that not everyone who wants to minimize is a minimalist. Remember when we said that you’re doing the capsule wardrobe wrong? Author Kelly Dougher wrote, “Just because the minimal trend is popular right now doesn’t mean it will work for your lifestyle or tastes, and that’s fine.” Amen.

If your style is more leopard print coat than plain white t-shirt, read on for the ultimate pieces to include in a kooky capsule wardrobe.