Introducing the bralette, a small-chested girl’s new BFF

benefits of bralettes

Us small-chested ladies will be the first to admit, we’ve felt a little left out when it comes to being able to fill out busty tops, or hold objects such as our cellphones or lipstick inside our bras when pockets aren’t an option. Now, it seems as though the bra heavens have heard our cries, and blessed us with a reason to celebrate our smaller chest size, not to mention the best lingerie option of all: the bralette.

Think of the bralette as the ultimate fashion-meets-function solution for women with A and B cups (and maybe even C cups), or simply as the more mature version of a training bra. It has minimal support, optimal comfort, and serves as an opportunity to experiment with lace, cutouts, and other stylish details that look fab when spotted through a barely-there garment or paired underneath a sea of fabric. Bralettes are lightweight, with a little bit of stretch that allows the bra to fit perfectly with the contours of our body, allowing our girls to move around freely without desperately awaiting the moment they can be free from the breast-jail that is a push-up bra.

According to breast health expert Cheri-Lynn Burk, underwire bras impede the movement of breast tissue and cause the lymph tissue in our breasts to gather toxins. And since the movement of our body is responsible for flushing toxins through our lymph systems, our breasts are actually supposed to bounce! Restricting bras can also prevent muscle tissue from growing and providing natural support, which basically means your boobs get lazy and saggy, while wearing a bralette can actually make them perkier. Who knew? Of course, women with larger breasts need the support to prevent back problems, but at least the bralette gives us small-chested women the chance to catch up.

Health benefits aside, the bralette is the perfect (not to mention affordable) solution to Spring 2015’s sheer force trend, allowing pretty lace details and unexpected straps to peek through Valentino’s sheer seashell-studded halter dress, or Burberry Prorsum’s tiered tulle creations.

There are many factors that come into play when choosing the right bralette. But once you find your match, it’s forever. Browse the gallery below for 10 of our favourite bralette options.