The elusive bra fit: Expert tips and shopping picks for finally, finally getting it right

bra fit
bra fit

Ladies of the world, listen closely: Your breasts are your friends, nay, your family, and should be treated with the love and respect they deserve. Would you leave your best friend hanging low? Never. Lift them, ladies! Lift them up as high as you can. Love your breasts. Because though they may begin to droop with age, they’ll be with you forever. Today, along with the help of veritable bosom expert Jennifer Klein, owner of Secrets From Your Sister bra fitting boutique, I come to you in hopes of guiding you and through the often daunting world of properly-fitting lingerie and finally, finally teaching you how to get the perfect bra fit.

I hail from a family of big-busted women. At 13, when most of my friends were still wearing their training bras underneath their Old Navy tees, I was already stuffing my pint-sized “breasteses” (as I preferred to call them at the time) into an underwire demi-cup. One would think that after so many years of bra wearing I would be well-versed in all things fit and size. Alas, it wasn’t until I turned 18 and stepped into the warm and welcoming arms of the staff at Secrets from Your Sister that I finally understood the freedom of a proper bra fit. Since then, spending a few extra bucks (expect to shell out at least $50) on my undergarments has always seemed worthwhile, and my breasts stand loud and proud beneath my favourite wardrobe staples. “The perfect dress can’t do its job without the proper undergarments,” laments Klein. “Our bra is the base of all our clothing. It gives us confidence and comfort.”

It’s commonly believed that 75-80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. No wonder we started burning them. (Well, that, and liberation from the oppression of a male-dominated society.) An ill-fitting bra can be as uncomfortable as wearing barbed wire, and can leave you looking and feeling saggy and squished. Liberate yourself with these easy tips to finding the perfect bra–from sports and strapless to fashion and frills. With the help of our fitting expert, you’re about to embark on a journey that will change the way you feel about your breasts. Maybe even your life.

In the following pages we will be categorizing breast size by Small, Medium, Full, and Fuller. Below is a quick guide.

Small (also known as “shallow”): C32 and down, B34 and down, A36 and down and AA’s including 28 and 30 band sizes
Medium: C34-E34
Fuller: E36-GG32
Much Fuller: GG34+

bra fit sports bra lulemon
Lululemon’s Energy bra

The Sports Bra
Sore breasts will no longer be an excuse to skip the treadmill and stay at home watching reruns. When purchasing a sports bra, Klein suggests jumping up and down in the change room (don’t be shy) and moving your arms back and forth to ensure comfort and support. “A good sports bras either…compresses your bosom to encourage less movement or encapsulates, surrounding the bosom to reduce movement all the way around,” she says.

Expert’s tip: Top-heavier gals should try to opt for something with an underwire or secure band for extra support. Jumping jacks aren’t so fun when you’re being smacked in the face with your nunga-nungas.

Small Bust: Lululemon Energy bra ($48,
Medium Bust: Panache Sports bra (*
Fuller: Freya Active underwired sportsbra ($74,
Much Fuller: Elomi Lingerie Energise bra (*

*Available at Secrets from your Sister

WACOAL’s Red Carpet strapless full busted underwire bra

The Strapless
The mythical strapless bra does in fact exist for you. Finally you can wear that one-shouldered number that’s been hiding in your closet for years. Again, Klein suggests a walking test to make sure the bra holds when you move. For a fuller breast, make sure to go for a wider band (3-4 clasps).

Expert’s tip: For extra hold, try to find a strapless bra with a rubber lining to help avoid the dreaded strapless sag.

Small Bust: Aerie ($42,
Medium: Panache Evie Superbra (*
Fuller: WACOAL Red Carpet strapless full busted underwire bra ($80,
Much Fuller: Elomi smoothing strapless ($85,*

*Available at Secrets from your Sister

bra fit t shirt bra victorias secret
Victoria’s Secret’s Perfect Coverage bra

The T-Shirt Bra
A good t-shirt bra is all about the quality and the cut. The right fit won’t cause cup-spillage or that pesky back-bulge we all hate, regardless of whether it has underwires or not. Go forth in your Alexander Wang Ts with confidence!

Expert’s tip: To get the most mileage out of your T-shirt bra, choose a style without lace or appliqué detail. That way, it won’t be a conflict with your thinner fabric T-shirts.

Small Bust: Victoria’s Secret Perfect Coverage bra (from $43,
Medium: Simone Péréle Caresse bra (*
Fuller: La Vie En Rose My Memory lightly lined bra ($50,
Much Fuller: WACOAL Basic Beauty full figure seamless underwire B=bra ($62,

*Available at Secrets from your Sister

La Perla’s Talisman underwire lace bra

The Fashion Bra
Here’s where we all get to have some fun! I never feel more confident than when I’ve got a sexy bra on underneath my sweatshirt. It’s not just for the men, it’s for yourself. Get frilly and wild at every size with these picks available at Secrets from Your Sister locations.

Expert’s tip: Be honest about what your use for this type of bra will be. If you’re planning to use this bra on a daily basis and not just for some fun between the sheets, make sure not to sacrifice support for style.

Small Bust: Fortnight Lingerie Ivy classic wire bra ($138,
Medium: La Perla Talisman underwire lace bra ($675,
Fuller: Empreinte Melody bra (*
Much Fuller: Elomi Cate bra (*

*Available at Secrets from your Sister