From Left: Marc Jacobs, Self-Portrait, Pyer Moss, Michael Kors. Photography via Imaxtree.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Biggest Trends We Spotted at NYFW for Spring 2019

Phew! With New York Fashion Week finally done and dusted, now is the time editors head back to the office (or if you’re lucky, London Fashion Week) and make sense of everything they just saw. Spring 2019 turned out a particularly disparate bunch of collections and while it’s difficult to see a through line connecting them all, here are some significant patterns we noticed while graciously observing from the second row of New York Fashion Week.

Free The Nipple

Remember 2014’s Free the Nipple campaign, when activists protested Instagram’s sexist policy of removing photos topless women but not topless men? Apparently designers do too, as the runways were flooded with transparent mesh tops with nary a thought of what goes underneath. Perhaps the fight for ‘topfreedom’ will experience a second wind…but more likely we’ll just be wearing sheer shirts with bras underneath come Spring 2019.


Earth Angel

Heavenly apparel graced the runway this season in the form of floaty, all-white outfits that resembled angelic robes. If you’re going to go for monochromatic looks this spring, all-white is going to be your best bet.


Costume-y Ruffles

Ruffles are always on standby to add a touch of feminine whimsy to any outfit, but this season, ruffles have grown to monstrous — almost comical — proportions. The supersize volume of these ruffles shift their celebration of femininity into the realm of borderline parody. Think Henry VIII’s neck ruff, as opposed to Picnic at Hanging Rock.


Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

It may not be realistic to let go of all your responsibilities and, say, hop on the next flight to Peru… but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like it. Designers adopted a leisurely vacation mindset this season as they translated inspiration from far-flung locales into jaunty clothes meant to transport you to paradise, even if you’re chained to your desk job.

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