Beverly Hills 90210 turns 25! Your complete guide to the show’s epic ‘90s fashion

As a kid growing up in the ‘90s, Beverly Hills 90210 basically informed my being. I didn’t understand it fully (I was only five years old when the show debuted), but I knew my all-important basics: to be blond and named Kelly was a good thing, to be brunette automatically meant you were misunderstood. Oh, and that if you played with guns, you’d invariably shoot yourself in the face. 90210 was my subconscious blueprint to the time, but it wasn’t till I rediscovered it on Netflix a few years ago in the crux of ‘90s nostalgia that I discovered its true genius, becoming a completely obsessive freak in the process (live-tweeting a 20 year old show became my two year-long quirk). There was something so familiar and frankly lols about the way it treated teen-worthy social issues (see: Brandon’s brush with U4EA, Kelly’s cocaine addiction, Donna’s eventual de-virginization, and the list goes on). There were also some seriously epic one liners (see: “I used to be fat and now I’m skinny and a bitch”).

The fashion, of course, was also incredible, and acted as a comprehensive trend guide to the entire decade. To celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary (it debuted on October 4, 1990), I enlisted FASHION‘s senior fashion news editor and fellow OG fan Sarah Casselman to recount the signature styles of 90210’s top gals. From Kelly’s cobweb knits to Donna’s crop tops, we’ve got it all here in one handy guide.

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