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The Best (And Worst!) Cocktails to Drink if You Want to Avoid a Hangover

There’s undoubtedly a little magic in the air around the holiday season — despite the elevated stress, a focus on spending time with the ones you love the most and indulging in festive treats, makes it the most marvellous and cheerful time of year. But sometimes, mixin’ and minglin’ means you can knock back a few cocktails faster than you can say Kris Kringle. And while this can enhance the holiday spirit during the celebrations (Christmas carol karaoke, anyone?), waking up with a nasty hangover can seriously dampen your enjoyment the day following.

Sipping smart and choosing your boozy beverage wisely can majorly impact your hangover, though. naturopathic doctor Sarah White, who practices out of Bronte Wellness in Oakville, breaks it down for us, helping us wake up fresh(er) all season long. Below, the top ten festive alcoholic drinks, ranking from worst to best when it comes to avoiding a holiday hangover.

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