Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images

The Best House Party Shoes and Socks for When the Host Makes You Take Your Heels Off (Ugh)

There are two kinds of holiday hosts: the ones who let you slip past the welcome mat with your shoes on, and the ones who don’t. We get that they’re avoiding dirty shoes traipsing through the den and spindly stilettos getting caught in the rug, but after hours of outfit prep, having to leave a perfectly planned pair of sparkly pumps at the door when they enforce the no-shoe rule can derail your whole look (let’s face it, having to go barefoot or in your cat-print pair just won’t do). Barring stuffing a pair of socks in your clutch before leaving home, how do we get away with looking fashionable in indoor appropriate footwear?

Gucci’s fuzzy mules to the rescue! It’s the perfect bridge between a chic slipper and a cozy one, and they come in every version from the simplest ivory slide to sequined paisley prints. Stow them in a shoe bag and make the quick switch as soon as you step inside. You’ll still feel polished and party-ready even though there isn’t a heel in sight. If all else fails, a pair of special socks will do the trick too. Metallic stars, painterly swirls and velvet ruffles will have you looking festive from head to toe.

Browse the gallery below to see our picks for the best house party shoes and socks for the holidays.