Photography courtesy of Hotel Lungarno

The Best Fashion Hotels From Around the World

These are the designers redefining luxury living.

If you like a fashion brand, you probably want to live like that brand. This goes a long way to explaining why luxe fashion houses are venturing beyond fabric seams and diving into brand extensions that range from haute cuisine to high-end hotels. It’s just another way for fashion creatives to redefine and expand what modern luxury is like.

Designer hotels are located all over the world, from Hotel Lungarno by Ferragamo in Italy to Hôtel Petit Moulin by Christian Lacroix in Paris. With glossy marble floors, avant garde decors and Instagram worthy accents, it’s everything you would expect in a hotel dreamed up by the best fashion designers.

Here’s a glimpse at hotels that offer the same escapist vibe you get from slipping into an awesome pair of shoes.

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