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5 Fashion Apps You Need on Your Phone

Need to organize your closet? Looking for easy-to-find second-hand goods? Wish you had a personal shopper just like your favourite celeb? These fashion apps are guaranteed to help with anything from online shopping to elevating your personal style.


Ever wake up in the morning and feel completely overwhelmed by your closet? Stylebook has a set-up that will leave you feeling organized and prepared for the day. It’s not exactly a dupe for Cher’s closet from Clueless, but this app lets you easily catalog every item in your closet, allowing you to plan out your looks, create packing lists etc. The app also gives you a tonne of information about the items you own, with a style stats section that tells you everything from your closet value, to a breakdown of what colours you own the most of, to–our favourite feature–a record of how often you wear certain items. This feature alone can be super helpful when you’re trying to cut down your wardrobe or justify an expensive purchase.

The Hunt

Scrolling through Instagram and happening upon a super cute outfit can be very exciting, but it’s also the worst feeling when you realize there’s no tag and you have no idea where to buy it. This app solves that problem. Once a user starts a “hunt”, the community can check out the image posted and relay information on where to find the clothing items. Alternatively, you can also help solve hunts if you see a piece you recognize. The Hunt has a bunch of other features too, including the option to create polls where other users can help you decide on what to wear or what to buy.

Stitch Fix

Fill out a profile with your style, size and price preferences and get five hand-picked pieces of clothing delivered straight to your door. After trying on the items, you have the option of buying any of the pieces and you can send back anything that doesn’t work. The best part? Shipping is free for delivery and returns. With stylist-selected pieces, Stitch Fix is a great way to experiment with clothing you might not necessarily have reached for otherwise. As you continue shipping and returning items, the app will get a better idea of what you like. From colours, to silhouettes, to fabrics, your selection will continue to get more and more streamlined to your personal style. Another great thing about this app? No subscription necessary. You’re not being tied down by any long-winded payments. Order a delivery when you want to, or set up a series of automatic shipments.

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PS Dept.

This app provides really great customer service, with the style experts at PS Dept. answering your questions directly over a messaging system. For example, if you’re picturing a particular belt in your head but have no idea where to find it, simply send a request explaining the colour, material, size etc. you’re looking for. Stylists on the app will then get back to you with a selection of items that you can purchase. It’s basically like having your own personal shopper! And the VIP-vibes continue with a three-tiered membership program where you can sign up for Insider, Influencer or Icon status. These programs will give you access to exclusive sales, designer meet and greets and even direct FaceTime appointments with a stylist, depending on which membership you choose.


This app makes it super easy to sell your old clothing items (and pick up some new gems, too). Depop allows you to create your own personal shop by uploading pictures of what you want to sell. Then you just wait for the community to start clicking! If you’re on the hunt for something from a specific brand, type it into the search bar and check out some great second-hand deals. The app also includes art, illustration, books and records. With millions of sellers, you’re sure to find some great steals no matter what you’re looking for–and also make some cash on the side.

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