Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

Inside the inspiring Berlin home/workspace of artist, Maryam Keyhani

“I have Berlin as a really attractive mistress and Toronto as a solid partner,” says Maryam Keyhani. The jewellery designer-turned-artist moved to Berlin part-time a few years back with her husband, Ali, and their son, Rumi, who, at the time, was just 10 months old. It was one of those, “If not now, when?” moments of clarity when she decided to take the plunge, vowing to split time between the two cities indefinitely. “I love the energy of the city; it’s easy and relaxed but at the same time exciting,” she says. “It’s an incredible place to make work and focus but also a place to find your own tribe.” Keyhani is known for her surreal-meets-minimalist aesthetic, which is prominently on display in her new home. Here, we share images of her unique space.

For those who haven’t stopped hitting the “Pin This” button, Keyhani will be launching an online shop later this year, selling collectables, objets d’art as well as her limited-edition creations. Stay tuned for more information and follow Keyhani on Instagram for a daily dose of perfection.