Bella Hadid NYFW
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Here’s Why Bella Hadid Cried Walking the Runway at NYFW

Female empowerment is an emotional feat – just ask supermodel Bella Hadid.

In lieu of a sparkly finale, Prabal Gurung sent models down the runway in t-shirts printed with politically charged messages. Hadid lead the pack, wearing a top that read The Future is Female. The “It Girl” was followed by a string of diverse models, each sporting similar tees stamped with powerful slogans like I Am An Immigrant, Breaking Down Walls, and Stay Woke. Prabal ended the parade with a message of his own, bowing to a standing ovation in a shirt reading This Is What A Feminist Looks Like.

“This whole show was about women’s empowerment, self-love, and powerful, strong women,” Hadid told “Prabal doesn’t tell us how to walk. He says, ‘Be yourself. Be the way you want to be. Be happy. Be strong.’ Every single girl here is so strong and beautiful in her own way. I was crying during the finale. Right now, the way the world is, it’s a beautiful message to pass along.”

Political statements are rocking the runway this season. Here’s a roundup of the ways that designers, models, bloggers and celebs are using fashion week as a rallying cry for feminism and inclusivity.

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