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How To Style Denim for Summer With the Beckerman Twins

It’s a Thursday evening and I’ve descended into the bowels of the Eaton Centre for the grand opening of Levi’s new Canadian flagship store. Hawk-like security guards patrol the store’s perimeter, but inside the party is bumpin’, as trays of cheeseburger sliders and boxes of Maker pizza wind their way through the packed crowd.

I’m here to interview Sam and Caillianne Beckerman, twin Canadian bloggers whom the New York Times once referred to as “human glitter.” Arguably Canada’s most influential, well, influencers, the twins have become world renowned for their kooky, colourful ensembles, bubbly personalities, and well, the fact there are two of them. For the event, they’ve designed a groovy, Peter Max-inspired t-shirt as well as a similarly far-out patch available exclusively at the Eaton Centre store.


We’re whisked off to a quieter back room where the sound of the DJ spinning thumping hip-hop remixes is only slightly less audible, and the twins slide in a bench on either side of me. Suddenly, feel like I’m in the middle of a Beckerman sandwich.

Of course, since we’ve gathered this evening under the auspices of a heritage jean brand, the biggest topic of conversation on the table is denim.

“For me it’s all about the butt of the jeans,” says Sam, the slightly more outgoing of the twins. “I like it when it makes your butt look big,” she giggles.

“We tried on so many jeans the other day and I think we figured out in order to get a big perfect bubble butt, you want to buy them a little tight, with back pockets that are off to the side,” Cailli explains. “When [the pockets] go towards the hips, it makes your butt look really, really great.”

As bona fide denim experts — between the two, they’ve collected over 100 pairs of rare vintage jeans — the Beckermans agreed to impart some of their expert tips for styling denim. In Sam’s words, “we’re total denim junkies.”




Sam: “Sometimes I find when I wear jeans that are cropped at the ankle it makes my legs look longer, because I’m not very tall. I’ll shorten my jeans to a 27-inch inseam.”



Sam: “You cut them on an angle almost so they go a little bit longer in the back and shorter in front. That’s how you get that peach bottom.”

Cailli: “I like pairing them with Victorian lacy blouses.”



Cailli: “I almost now prefer no stretch. I just find if you wear them enough or eat in them, they’ll stretch themselves.”



Sam: “It’s kind of that look that says, don’t mess with me, but come party with me.”

Cailli: “I find when I’m wearing head-to-toe acid wash, it oozes summer.”

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