What It’s Really Like to Have Your Aura Photographed

For much of my adult life, I’ve been a very spiritual person and often look to the stars to find reason, come to terms with acceptance, help guide me and even to find friends and potential partners. I’m fluent in the lunar calendar, am guided by my daily and monthly horoscopes (thanks Susan Miller!) and people’s energy.

That said, if read my horoscope and I don’t like it, I close the paper (or the tab on my computer) and pretend I never read it in the first place.

Many of my closest friendships have been made on the mat at MISFIT Studio or through bonding over astrology talk, which is such a Gemini thing of me to say. I know there are many skeptics out there, and that’s fine. But for me, if something can help you understand yourself and create positive and healthy change, then I’m all for it.

The latest craze that’s piqued my new-age interest is aura readings. I’ve had an insanely busy few months in my professional and personal life, and yet I keep on keeping on, smile clad on my face, proudly checking off each to-do on my list, only to realize that said list is seemingly never-ending.

My hope was that getting my aura read could help me visually see where my energy is stuck so I can work accordingly to release that shit and get back on track.

Meet Evelyn Salvarinas of Rose Aura, an aura reader in Toronto. I sat down with her to get the who/what/where/why/when/how of aura readings, and if you’re anything like me and are keen to hit the reset button for the new year, you’ll love her tips on how to get your routine back on track.

How did you get into reading peoples auras?
I lived in New York for four years, and during my time there I would consistently have my aura photo taken at Magic Jewelry in Chinatown. Anytime something changed in my life, I would go back and see what my colours looked like. I found that they were always different, and reflective of my physical and mental state. When I moved back to Toronto a year ago, I wanted to see how my aura had changed, but no one had the right camera to photograph it. I decided that this was a service that was long overdue, so I researched and started Rose Aura.

What does it mean to you to read someone’s aura?
Reading auras is a really special thing for me because I am showing someone something that they can’t necessarily see, but something they can feel. People are always surprised at how accurate the readings are, and I remind them that all I am doing is translating their energy for them. It ends up being a very personal experience, where most of my clients will share things about their life with me. You can see that people really want to understand their energy, and find out more about themselves in the process.

Are you able to read people’s energy before using your machine to read it? Are you surprised when you see someones aura or does it show up how you expect?
Unfortunately, I can’t see people’s energy which is why I have my camera. I don’t try to visualize my sitter’s aura before I photograph them, so I’m always surprised with what I see!

How would you describe the machine and what you do to someone who knows nothing about it?
I use an AuraCam6000, which was invented in the 70s and is regarded as the standard for aura photography versus newer digital technology. My camera has two hand sensors connected through large cables to the shutter. Different parts of your hands are connected to different organs, and the sensors have points of resonance over these sections. Your organs are also connected to your 7 chakras, each having a specific colour and positive and negative qualities associated with them. When you put your hands on the sensors, it sends your biofeedback parameter data to the camera (the information of the auric and energetic qualities of the individual). After the 5 to 10-second exposure, your photograph takes about a minute to develop, and I then explain what the open chakra colours mean.

What do you say to skeptics who think it’s a gimmick?
Everyone has an electromagnetic field around them at any given time. They may not be able to see it, but they can definitely feel their own energy, and sense the energy of others. From personal experience, I have seen how accurate the photos are, and encourage any skeptic to try it firsthand.

Does your star sign impact my aura?
Your star sign does not impact your energy. Your aura has more to do with your mood and current physical state than anything else.

Based on what you saw in my aura photo after it came out, what did you make of my vibes? Is what you saw common or am I rare unicorn?
I see this aura a lot when the person in question is physically tired from doing too much, but still manages to have high energy and good vibes. It’s a really interesting reading for me, as the sitter is so physically drained, but exuding positive and creative energy.

Can you walk me through my aura as seen in this photograph, what it means and your advice based on what you see?
From this photo it’s clear that you are a creative, positive, loving, and grounded person, however your physical body is quite tired. For auras like this, the first thing I recommend is rest. Really try to listen to your body, and give it the rest it needs without feeling guilty for taking time for yourself. If you have downtime, make sure that you take it to rest rather than fitting in extra errands because you have the time. You can also try Reiki, Kundalini yoga, and meditation to balance your energy and try to slow down.

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