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Ariana Grande is Suing Forever 21 for $10 Million For Using Her Likeness

The lawsuit comes after the singer was in talks with the brand

Ariana Grande is suing American high street giant Forever 21 for USD$10 million, it has emerged today.

In court documents obtained by Reuters, Grande is suing the brand for using her likeness, name and music to promote a range of clothing and beauty products. Grande is also suing Riley Rose, the beauty brand started by Forever 21 owners’ daughters Linda and Esther Chang, on the same points. As noted by the site, “a core part of the 26-year-old’s fanbase overlaps with Forever 21’s and Riley Rose’s target markets.”

According to the official complaint, Forever 21 and Riley Rose used at least 30 images and videos without approval from Grande’s team, as well as audio and lyrics from her recent No. 1 single 7 Rings. The company also hired a look-alike model whom Grande says looks “strikingly similar” to her, noting, “the resemblance is uncanny.”

Interestingly, the thank you, next singer had been in talks with the chain to star in a campaign however the discussions were terminated as Forever 21 could not pay enough for “a celebrity of Ms. Grande’s stature,” according to the filings.

The star is seeking damages for copyright and trademark infringement, false endorsement and violating her right of publicity.

It is not the first time the company has been sued, with Puma suing it back in 2017 for allegedly copying designs from its Fenty x Rihanna collaboration.

It hasn’t been a great few weeks for Forever 21, with reports last week suggesting the company is preparing to file for bankruptcy. According to Bloomberg, the company had been trying to source funding however were unsuccessful in securing any lenders. By filing for Chapter 11, the company will be able to close some of its less-profitable stores (it currently has over 800 in 57 countries) and restructure its business, writes Forbes.

It is not yet known when the Ariana case will be finalised through the Los Angeles federal courts. Stay tuned to FASHION for updates.