Are Trucker Hats Making a Comeback? 7 Celebs Who Are Giving Us Intense ’00s Nostalgia

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ICYMI: The aughts are back. Recently Juicy Couture has been grabbing the spotlight (remember when Kim Kardashian gave a shout-out to these beloved tracksuits that were everywhere in the 2000s?) Now trucker hats are back on the scene. This throwback trend was a celeb fave during the mid-2000s—Ashton Kutcher’s signature Von Dutch hat, worn slightly askew, was a sign (literally) of the times. Now It girls like Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin are bringing trucker hats back, and, we have to admit, we freaking love it! It’s tomboy-meets-cool girl, and we want one…like now. Check out our gallery of mid-aughts inspo—from Britney Spears to Madonna, these celebs know how to rock a trucker hat. Full speed ahead.