Anna’s ’90s casual look, Olivia Palermo launches jewellery line, Annie Leibovitz designs for Vuitton

Yes it’s true, even Anna Wintour made the same horrendous fashion faux pas of the early ’90s as everyone else: she rocked embroidered sweatshirts paired with pink leggings and ballet flats. I also spy an additional sweater tied around Anna’s waist. Shameful, but we all went there, didn’t we? [Huffington Post]

Sam Haskins, known for his fashion photography that has inspired stylists and designers for the past 30 years, has a new book coming out called Fashion Etcetera. The book was published in partnership with Tommy Hilfiger, who has paid homage to Haskins’ work in recent years. Haskins is currently in hospital recovering from a stroke he sustained last week. [The Moment]

Olivia Palermo, reality star of The City, is the newest real person-turned-reality star-turned-designer. Palermo is collaborating with Roberta Freymann on a collection of necklaces. Says Palermo: “I designed two styles that will go into [Freymann’s] store and we’re working on an exclusive retail deal, probably in Bendels.” [People]

The Hudson’s Bay Co. is getting a makeover to prep for becoming a public company again by 2011. American owner Richard Baker, governor of the age-old corporation that also owns Zellers and Home Outfitters, said he is excited to give “the company back to the Canadian people.” [National Post]

Louis Vuitton has some famed guest designers coming on board to create a line of specialty leather goods that will be auctioned off for the 150th anniversary of the Red Cross. Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, composer Gustavo Santaolalla and Marc Jacobs are among six names on-board to design items that would serve them in their everyday lives. Leibovitz will design a camera-friendly backpack while Jacobs opted for a doggy carrier for when he travels with his terriers. [Racked]

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