All Our Favourite Anklets
Photography via Pinterest

First There Were Chokers, Now Anklets Are Playing the 90s Comeback Game

And they're set to be the accessory of the summer.

I’m pretty sure I can trace back to the exact moment when anklets became cool again.

It was the September day a couple of years ago that Calvin Klein debuted their spring 2016 runway show in New York. The minimal label sent models out in languid silk dresses and floor scraping trenches, jazzed up by clean, white sneakers that came adorned with metallic ankle chains. From then on, we didn’t stand a chance, our ankles felt hopelessly empty sans accessories.

We’ve found shopped for everything from wee charm bracelet styles to leather ankle wraps to satiate our new accessory obsession. For daytime, we love the look with a white sneaker (inspired by Calvin Klein of course) or hidden amongt a tangle of straps when paired with a lace up sandal.

Shop our 9 fave anklets in the gallery below.

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