Ankle strap heels and sandals: 13 shopping picks and 3 key styling tips for wearing this hot shoe trend

Ankle Strap Heels Zara
Ankle Strap Heels Zara

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Ah, the ankle strap. For many shoe styles, it is just a necessity—a thin piece of leather that keeps your foot from stepping out of your shoe—but this season, it’s become trendy. Why? For starters, let’s look back to the Spring 2013 runways, where ankle strap heels and sandals were seen in a multitude of variations.

At Bottega Veneta, chunky platforms in dark textured leathers were made feminine with the addition of the ankle strap. At Burberry Prorsum, wedges in bright colours were showcased in different materials with a very thin ankle strap and high back to cover the heel. Almost the entire cast of models at Nina Ricci were seen in beautiful single soled high heels with two thin straps-one across the toes and one around the ankle.

Celebrities have also been increasingly favouring ankle strap heels and sandals, with Hailee Steinfeld, Jessical Biel and even Martha Stewart riffing on Audrey Hepburn’s classic pair in Roman Holiday.

A key to the ankle strap’s recurring success can be traced to its versatile flatter-ability (yes, that may not be real word). With just a few buying tips, an ankle strap can look good on everyone:

Slim Leg: Flat sandals with wide cuff straps or high wedge heels with a strap add shape to a slim leg. Avoid chunky heeled styles as this overwhelms the leg and makes it appear even smaller.

Muscular calves: You’ll look best in straps that curve down around the middle of your foot. Another option is to buy a pair with a looser strap so that it drapes downwards.

Large calves: If you have larger calves and larger ankles, stay away from the cuff-style strap and purchase shoes with a slim nude strap.

With these tips in mind you are now ready to shop and we have some great options for you. Happy shopping!