Here’s All the Fashion News You Missed This Week

American Apparel is (Re)launching in Canada

If you’re still hanging onto that threadbare old pair of disco pants (and why wouldn’t you be? Those pants are flattering AF), you now finally have a chance to stock up on on another shiny, butt-flattering pair because — get ready — American Apparel is relaunching in Canada. Technically, the basics brand that defined ’00s hipster culture was resuscitated last year by t-shirt behemoth Gildan Activewear, but they just announced a dedicated Canadian web store will launch on November 1st. The biggest difference between the old American Apparel and its new iteration is that the company has abandoned its “made in the USA” ethos. Stock is now largely manufactured in (still sweatshop-free!) facilities in Honduras, but you can choose to whether you’d like a select item made in the US and pay a slightly higher price. To celebrate their Canadian resurrection, American Apparel shot their Fall 2018 lookbook in Vancouver, BC. (Press release)

Everlane Will Stop Using Virgin Plastics

Earlier this week, Everlane, the brand known for its radical transparency in manufacturing processes, deleted all of their photos from Instagram. Could it have been a power move by a rogue CEO, like we’ve seen recently with Deciem? Could the brand possibly be shuttering? No and no. It turns out the wipe was all part of the brand’s ambitious announcement that they will end the use of virgin plastics in their products by 2020. Instead, all plastics in their packaging and clothing will be sourced from recycled plastic water bottles. Everlane has projected they will recycle 100 million water bottles in the next five years. For context, 500 billion new plastic water bottles are produced each year. And once plastic has been created, it doesn’t biodegrade, it just breaks down into progressively smaller bits (see: the Great Pacific Garbage patch). When you consider that plastics are in everything from body glitter to tea bags, things start looking pretty bleak. So, bravo to Everlane for making this monumental move. If you’re concerned about your individual environmental footprint, check out our tips on how to lead a more eco-friendly life. (WWD)

Vionnet Will Reboot as a Sustainable Brand

The creative director of Vionnet, Goga Ashkenazi, has announced the brand will go through a “major restructuring, which will be highly disruptive,” as reported by WWD. All of the brand’s current stock will be liquidated to pave the way for Vionnet to become a sustainable brand. Vionnet will skip the fashion calendar for one or two seasons and plans to re-emerge with “conceptual collections transcending fashion and its fixed schedules.” It’s a little vague, but perhaps they took note of our story on small-batch designers who are producing less to save the planet. (WWD)

Louis Vuitton Releases a Grace Coddington Capsule Collection

Louis Vuitton has collaborated with Vogue‘s former flame-haired creative director, Grace Coddington, on a feline-friendly accessories line. Coddington’s love of cats is well-documented – she once published a picture book called The Catwalk Cats – and the collection features a veritable menagerie of illustrated cats and dogs atop Vuitton’s classic monogram. These accessories will make the purr-fect companion. The collection launches in stores on November 2nd. (Fashionista)