Synthpop star Allie X shows us how the layered jewellery trend is done

allie x
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

When it comes to accessorizing, there’s a time and a place for chunky chokers and bold bangles. But with the rise of fine, layered jewellery on spring 2015 runways—now is not it. Nestled somewhere between oversized retro hoops and Chanel’s prominent slogan bracelets, dainty pendants and thin chains made a modest statement at Versace and Saint Laurent, while seashell-inspired rings lined up asymmetrically along fingers at Valentino. Multiple piercings stacked alongside one another on models’ earlobes at Dior confirmed our newfound love of this carefully curated layering technique.

Jewellery layering is a chic way to add a subtle hint of shine to your look, but we admit, it isn’t always easy (more bling = more problems). It’s a detailed art form that requires an understanding of the big picture (and the ability to problem solve when all of your necklaces become tangled into one). That’s where mysterious singer/songwriter Allie X comes in to show us how it’s done.

The Toronto-born pop artist has carefully cultivated an air of secret mystery, keeping her name and personal life somewhat under the radar. Despite her efforts, Allie’s futuristic pop melodies and deep lyrics were enough to catch the attention of Katy Perry, who revealed her obsession with Allie’s song “Catch,” released last February via Twitter and shot her followers a link to the track. The single peaked at the No. 55 spot on the Canadian Billboard Hot 100 Chart, without the help of a music video, digital sales, or live appearances, and for now, Allie X plans to keep it that way. “The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey, I think they both got to sort of pioneer this new ‘star is born of the Internet age’ thing”, she explains in an interview with CBC News. “I won’t deny that I was inspired by that.”

Now, Allie is gradually revealing more of herself in the name of layered jewellery. The “Catch” singer posed for a photo-shoot at Toronto’s Gilding The Lily, wearing some of the stores finest jewellery designs by Jacquie Aiche, Gara Danielle, Rona Pfeiffer, Carbon and Hyde, and Smith + Mara.

Whether you prefer stacked rings, killer cuffs or asymmetrical earrings, Allie X shows us how to master the art of layered jewellery without a fuss.

Browse the gallery below for tips on how to wear the layered jewellery trend.

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