The ‘World’s Most Comfortable Shoe’ Brand Is Launching Clothes

Allbirds, famous for their ethically-made wool footwear, is expanding into apparel

These days, when it kinda feels like the world is falling apart, adopting more sustainable consumption habits might be on your mind more than ever. A great place to start is in your closet, since the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of our global carbon emissions, which is more than every international flight and marine shipping journey combined. In light of that, looking for brands that put the planet first can really make a difference.

One of the most well-revered companies in that space is Allbirds, a San Francisco-based biz that makes the wool sneakers you’ve likely seen on the feet of a whack load of celebs, from Matthew McConaughey to Sophie Turner. After four years producing their beloved shoes—which were deemed the “world’s most comfortable” by Time—Allbirds is expanding their offerings (which previously included underwear and socks, too) this month to include four pieces of clothing: a T-shirt, sweater, cardigan and puffer jacket. All the pieces are, of course, made with the same minimal environmental impact their footwear is lauded for. 

As with the sustainably-sourced wool and eucalyptus their sneakers are made with, the new Allbirds clothing is based on innovative, natural textiles. The TrinoXO™ Tee’s namesake material is made from discarded shells, which contain the second most abundant biopolymer on the planet. The chitosan (the fibre in those shells) helps keep this classic-cut T-shirt fresher for longer without the typical inclusion of zinc or silver. This means fewer turns through the washer and dryer, helping you to save water and energy.

The sweater and cardigan, both made from the same ZQ-certified merino wool Allbirds is known for, are oversized with a textured knit, perfect for winter layering. The Trino Puffer, made with a water-repellent merino and Tencel blend exterior, and filled with Tencel and recycled polyester instead of down, making it an excellent cold-weather topper for vegan shoppers.

Each piece of Allbirds clothing is genderless, and the minimalist silhouettes are in keeping with the brand’s no-fuss philosophy. And, last but not least, an industry first: Everything will be labelled with its carbon footprint, so you’ll know the exact impact of your new tee, sweater or jacket. 

TrinoXO™ Tee,  $65,

Wool Jumper, $185,

Wool Cardi, $200,

Trino Puffer, $340,