Adidas 3D Printed Sneakers
Photography via ADIDAS

The Next Step in Sneakers Has Arrived: Adidas is Launching 3D Printed Soles

Paging George Jetson…Adidas has announced that they will be producing sneakers with custom 3D printed soles.

Teaming up with Silicon Valley startup Carbon, the sportswear label will be creating 3D products, dubbed Futurecraft, using a special process involving light and oxygen. Adjusting for height, weight and gait, this tech takes customization to a whole new level. “Futurecraft is a revolution in full force. It will change everything. Shaking the footwear industry. Empowering athletes,” said the brand in a statement online. Adidas is planning to make 5,000 pairs this year, and expand to 100,000 pairs by the end of 2018.


Photography by ADIDAS

While there’s no word on the cost of the Futurecraft, Adidas promises that the technology is both cost effective and has a quick turn around time.

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