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9 Things We Learned From Lyst’s 2020 Conscious Fashion Report

The key takeaway? Sustainable fashion is on the rise.

Fashion search platform Lyst has just released its 2020 Conscious Fashion Report and there’s no shortage of interesting information to unpack from it. The site analyzed both its own global data, as well as Google search, page views, conversion rates, sales, media and social media coverage from February 2019-February 2020 to determine its findings, in partnership with Good On You, an organization whose aim is to help educate consumers on better brand choices.

Interestingly, Meghan Markle and the Queen impacted searches for sustainable fashion options this year, and Canadian interest in sustainable fashion options also grew 30 per cent. “More and more, people are becoming aware of the issues in fashion and are demanding change,” Good On You said in the report. “In response, brands are taking action – assessing their social and environmental impacts and setting targets to do better.” It added, “It’s the brands that don’t adapt that run the risk of losing market share.”

Here are the nine key takeaways from the 2020 Conscious Fashion Report:

1. Veja Sneakers are the most sought-after sustainable sneakers on the market

Loved by celebrities and royalty alike, Veja sneakers remain the most searched sustainable sneaker brand globally. According to the report, searches for the brand are up 115% year-on-year. The brand’s Campo style has remained the “most wanted non-leather product on Lyst over the past 12 months” and is equally popular amongst men and women.

2. Searches for ‘vegan leather’ are on the rise

Perhaps one of the most interesting notes in the report is that “customers tend to respond more positively to the keyword ‘vegan’ rather than ‘faux.'” As such, searches for ‘vegan leather’ averaged 33,100 searches per month (which is an increase of 69% year-on-year). Lyst noted that searches for ‘faux leather’ remained consistent. Searches for leather have decreased 3.5% year-on-year, and there has been an increase in searches for ‘eco vegan leather’ pieces, too.

3. Repurposed jewellery and ethical jewellery searches are increasing

The report states that sneakers and denim are the two most in-demand categories for sustainable fashion but that searches for repurposed and ethical jewellery have increased 90% and 60% respectively  year-on-year. NYC-based brand WWAKE has proved particulalry popular in this space, with a 22% per cent increase in searches over the past year. Worn by the likes of Meghan Markle, Cate Blanchett and other big Hollywood names, the brand uses eco-friendly materials to make its delicate pieces.

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4. The search term ‘slow fashion’ has generated more than 90 million social impressions

According to Lyst, in the three months since 2020 began, searches for sustainability-related keywords have increased 37% overall. The keyword ‘slow fashion’ has seen a particular increase, generating over 90 million social impressions in the past year which Lyst says suggests “the beginning of a shift in shopping behaviours.”

5. Searches for sustainable womenswear are higher than for sustainable menswear

It seems that women are ahead of men when it comes to sustainable fashion, with the report noting that there have been 45% more searches for sustainable clothing in the womenswear category versus the mens.

6. Meghan Markle’s Prada duffle spiked searches for the brand

It’s no secret that the royal family has some pretty major influence and both Meghan Markle and the Queen were responsible for search increases this year. When Meghan was photographed in February with Prada’s Re-Nylon duffle bag, which is made using recycled materials, searches for the brand increased by 12% the next day. Meanwhile, the Queen’s decision to stop wearing fur saw a 52% increase in searches for ‘faux fur.’ Searches for real fur are down 8% overall year-on-year, too.

7. Celebrities wearing vintage fashion inspired people to search for those items

Vintage fashion has made a spectacular return to the spotlight in recent months. Jennifer Aniston wore a vintage Dior gown to this year’s SAG Awards, which spiked a 40% increase in searches for vintage dresses in the 48 hours afterwards, and Taylor Swift’s vintage Chanel jacket which she sported on the cover of British Vogue back in January prompted a 74% increase in searches for vintage Chanel jackets.

8. Searches for sustainable fashion are up 30% in Canada

The report also breaks down searches per country, and over the past year, searches for sustainable fashion have increased 30% in Canada. According to the data, parkas and jeans are the two most searched items by Canadians.

9. Eileen Fisher’s organic cotton dresses and Patagonia jackets are the top searches in Canada

Since the beginning of 2020, Canadians have had their eye on two things in particular: Eileen Fisher’s organic cotton dresses and Patagonia’s jackets, suggesting that we’ve been shopping for the season we’re currently in as well as the one to come.

See the full 2020 Conscious Fashion Report here.