9 Gifts You’d Never Buy for Yourself But Would Love to Receive

Thanks to modern axioms like #treatyoself and #yolo, we can guiltlessly buy ourselves any decadent treat or expensive designer gem under the notion that we deserve it. That waffle ice cream cone? Your Instagram page is lacking without it. Those fur-trimmed Gucci leather slippers? You can’t call yourself a fashion girl without them. All of the latest sheet masks? Skincare, as Shopaholic character Becky Bloomwood would say, “is a basic human right.”

And yet, there are some covetable purchases that we hold back on making, usually because grander, trendier and more time-sensitive items creep their way to the top of our shopping lists. These items are typically timeless and sensible purchases that really should take priority over, say, a bright pink faux fur topper or a pair of overpriced fishnets. These sidelined items make easy gifts we’re guaranteed to love.

From classic wardrobe additions to home and beauty upgrades, swipe through the slideshow for 9 items you’ve been waiting for someone to buy you.