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Product image courtesy of Apple. Design by Kayleen Dicuangco.

5 Ways to Use Apple’s New iPad Pro While You’re Social Distancing

The newest addition to the Apple family is one of it's most advanced yet.

Fresh off the back of the launch of the new MacBook Air on Friday of last week, Apple is releasing its next product today in the form of the new and improved iPad Pro. Featuring some of the brand’s most advanced technology to date, the new iPad is a seriously impressive piece of tech. And as we all settle into our new reality of working from home – and more broadly just being at home 24/7 – there’s never been a better time to consider an upgrade. Having road-tested the product over the past few days, here’s five ways to use the new iPad Pro while you’re social distancing:

To plan a little interior redesign

new iPad Pro
Photograph courtesy of Apple

If spending all of your time inside your condo or house has made you consider a home makeover, the new iPad Pro will make the whole process a cinch. Thanks to the inclusion of a LiDAR (light detection and ranging) scanner, the iPad Pro delivers unparalleled precision for augmented reality (AR) functions. LiDAR determines distance by measuring how long it takes light to reach and object and reflect back and is currently being used by NASA for the next mission to Mars. #Casual. What it means for you as the user is that AR-enabled apps are more realistic than ever before. One such app is IKEA Place, which via the iPad’s AR capabilities, allows you to see what furniture will look like in your space. You can scroll through suggested themes, too, if you’re in need of a little inspo or simply use the camera to scan the room and place the items you’ve got your eye on.

To document all of your stellar WFH outfits

Have dreams of becoming a new sweatsuit influencer? Or simply really enjoying the fact that you can wear loungewear all day long? Whatever your WFH wardrobe journey is like, the new iPad Pro is made for content creation. The newest iteration of the product features the company’s new dual pro camera with the Wide and Ultra Wide cameras which allow you to shoot 4k content with ease. Plus, if you’ve taken to filming video diaries of yourself during this moment in time, four speaker audio on studio-quality mics will give you Netflix-quality content faster than you can say action.

To actually work from home

new iPad Pro
Photograph courtesy of Apple

Built like a laptop but with the flexibility of a tablet, the new iPad Pro makes working from home easy. It’s powered by a super-fast Bionic chip and responsive features that make switching between apps and scrolling through documents or websites a breeze. Plus, in May, the brand will launch the new Magic Keyboard designed specifically for iPad Pro. It features a trackpad (for the first time ever on iPad) as well as a magnetic attachment with a floating design that allows users to adjust the screen angle up to 130 degrees. The design doubles as a protective case and the keyboard itself is full-size, backlit and features Apple’s signature scissor mechanism.

To learn a new skill

There’s only so much TV we can watch in a day/over the coming months and so we’re on the hunt for any activity that doesn’t include a binge-watching session on the couch. The new iPad Pro offers no shortage of options, including games via Apple Arcade, as well as apps to help you learn to draw or paint like Linea Sketch or ProCreate. If recent events have sent your anxiety skyrocketing, might we also suggest downloading a digital colouring book for adults? You’ll quickly remember why you spent so many hours doing it as a kid – it’s seriously relaxing and the screen quality of the iPad Pro will leave you feeling like a modern day Picasso (esp if you pair it with the Apple Pencil).

To read FASHION’s latest issue without leaving the house

Just because we’re all practicing social distancing and therefore limiting our trips to stores, doesn’t mean we have to miss to out on simple pleasures like taking a little time to read a magazine. Simply download the FASHION App from the App Store, and you can purchase our latest issue (as well as any from our back catalogue that catch your eye) and watch the issue come to life on the incredible 12.9″ or 11″ liquid retina display. The anti-reflective coating on the screen makes it so easy to read, too. In fact, the screen is so good that Apple is billing it as “the world’s most advanced mobile display.”

Prices start at $1,049. Get yours here.

Also, it’s worth noting that in line with today’s launch Apple is also releasing a new iPadOS update for free which will allow existing iPad users to benefit from the new operating system’s mouse and trackpad support, as well as various other improvements across the software.

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