5 minutes with Complexgeometries


Ottawa-born, Montreal-based designer Clayton Evans is the creative mind behind Complexgeometries (complexgeometries.com). When he presented his playful, gender-bending Fall 2011 collection in a gentlemen’s club, it was obvious that Evans’ talent knows no bounds.

How would you describe your style?
“Elegant. Thoughtful. Comfortable.”

What were your Fall 2011 design inspirations?
“The theme was self: an examination of the ideas and influences that make up identity—everything from academic ideas about gender and ego to influences from my own past, like Star Wars, and the clothes I had in my Tickle Trunk as a kid.”

Can you tell me a bit about the fabrics and colour choices?
“The palette included lots of smoky greys, champagne and wine. There are a few pieces in highly reflective silver chiffon, which becomes completely transparent when the light hits it right.”

What about the silhouettes?
“[They’re] still the loose and easy shapes we’re known for, but with more of an emphasis on long, lean lines—especially the amazing shoes we made in collaboration with LD Tuttle. It’s easy to [pull off] a long, lean line with extra height.”

Do you have a muse?
“Not one in particular. I try to make sure there’s one piece in there for everyone in my life, from my rockstar friends to my grandmother.”
What is your must-have item for women this season?

“The Murmur Dress. It’s a simple, asymmetrical silhouette in silk that is completely mesmerizing when it’s in movement.”

What is the most important thing we should know about you?
“As a designer, it’s my philosophy that luxury isn’t a beautiful, expensive dress. It’s where that dress takes you.”

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