Alicia Cox Thomson wearing the Huawei smartwatch

I Tried It: Huawei’s Latest Stylish Smartwatch

My day with the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro

Fall is forever a season of fresh starts, so the new Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro smartwatch couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. Beyond the fact that it’s really pretty, when paired with the Huawei Health app, the Watch GT 3 Pro becomes a powerful fitness and wellness tool. Tracking my health stats and fitness goals is important because it keeps me accountable, plus I love being able to check things like my oxygen levels and sleep habits. 

The Watch GT 3 Pro Ceramic Edition is an advanced piece of tech created with luxury and style in mind. (Fact: The design was inspired by Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus; there are 24 waves of gold surrounding the face). The sleek white finish stands out and shines bright, achieved via repeated polishing using diamond abrasives. It’s classy yet modern, and a sneakily elegant workout companion. (It also comes in titanium for a sportier vibe.) 

The watch is lighter than I expected, leading me to believe that I’ll be able to wear it all day and night comfortably, for as long as seven days on one full charge. The face is extra-large and crystal clear, made from diamond-hard sapphire glass, surrounded by ceramic—both materials that are resistant to scratches. And while it fits my wrist out of the box, it does come with a tiny screwdriver and extra ceramic links to increase or decrease the band size.

After pairing with the Huawei Health app on my phone (it’s compatible with most iPhone and Android phones), the watch face comes to life. It’s user-friendly and I quickly head to settings to set everything up, start my Health app profile and select a watch face design, landing on the boho  “Late Autumn” style with moody florals. I start the day with a podcast and walk in the local park.

The face design I chose includes my heart rate, step and calorie counter, so I can easily check in while exercising, but there are tons of smart fitness features on the Watch GT 3 Pro. There’s the usual sleep and blood oxygen trackers as well as body temp, stress levels and a Breathe function which counts out deep breaths, handy for meditation. There’s even a personalized running plan based on the wearer’s own history. It learns your abilities, gradually getting harder, helping you improve as you train. If you’re like me and not a runner, there are dozens of other workout modes to choose from including indoor cycling, skiing, swimming, elliptical and more. It’s highly water resistant and dive-proof up to 30m, even when it comes to saltwater—so you don’t have to worry about days at the beach. 

I walk rather than drive to a coffee date to increase my step count, feeling pretty good about myself (there’s that accountability I mentioned earlier!), and after dinner, I switch to workout mode and tackle an indoor cycling workout. In the morning, I excitedly check how I slept (thanks 3 a.m. car alarm for that interruption).

Having received EISA’s Best Smartwatch Product award three years in a row, Huawei’s got the tech perfected. The Watch GT 3 Pro (EISA’s latest winner based on independent technical reviews) is Huawei’s latest success in the popular GT Series, with high-quality, thoroughly-tested advances in sensors, screens and fitness capabilities. 

Personally, the triumph is in the design. It truly looks and feels like a luxury timepiece rather than a sophisticated piece of health and fitness technology, a welcome addition to my accessories roster that’ll do more than simply look good—it’ll help me be healthier, which is always in style.

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