Unlock Smooth Summer Skin: Dive Into the New Collection From this Seasoned Skincare Brand

Hydrating? Check. Fragrance free? Check. Perfect for sensitive skin? Check. Introducing your new favourite moisturizing trio.

The cold, windy winter months get a bad rep for making skin dry, uneven, and prone to breakouts. But for some of us, these unwanted skin issues are ongoing—even as the weather warms up. In the heat of the summer, the right hydrating products make all the difference when it comes to a supple complexion. How can this be achieved? Through an easy, everyday regimen that moisturizes and smooths the skin, without it feeling greasy. Luckily, Aveeno®’s new Tone + Texture collection was formulated to do just that.

It all comes down to the ingredients. The derm-recommended brand has long been known for harnessing the nourishing and moisturizing benefits of colloidal oatmeal. Along with this versatile topical ingredient, Aveeno®’s Tone + Texture collection is packed with skin-conditioning components, including niacinamide—a form of vitamin B3 that brightens while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also on the list are polyhydroxy acids (PHA) which are gentle chemical exfoliants that even skin tone and texture. This trifecta is the basis of Aveeno®’s new collection, comprising the Tone + Texture Daily Renewing Lotion, the Tone + Texture Renewing Night Cream, and the Tone + Texture Renewing Body Scrub. When used in tandem, the trio tackles three non-negotiables for healthy-looking summer skin: tone, texture, and moisture. Here’s how it works:

Improved skin tone

From discolouration and visible pores to fine lines and an uneven complexion, dull skin is a downer—especially when trying to achieve a summer glow. Enter: Aveeno®’s Tone + Texture Daily Renewing Lotion. Formulated with four per cent natural PHA, the lotion, nourishes the skin while gently exfoliating, resulting in a more even skin tone in just one week. To continue the tone-correcting goodness at night, the Renewing Night Cream is formulated with six per cent natural PHA to improve skin tone while you sleep.

Smoothened texture

Rough, bumpy, or scaly skin is all the more evident (and annoying!) in the summer. Often the result of dryness or a buildup of dead skin cells, skin texture issues can lead to keratosis pilaris, a common condition resulting in tiny pimple-like skin-coloured bumps. And while regular exfoliation sloughs off the top layer of dead skin to tackle texture and reveal a brighter glow, it can also be harsh. That’s why Aveeno®’s Tone + Texture collection employs non-abrasive ingredients to gently remove build-up for refreshed skin while being suitable for sensitive skin.

Long-lasting moisture

Dry skin is simply not conducive to high-season dewiness. Moisturization always matters, but with the humidity, it’s all the more important that our summertime regimens aren’t heavy or greasy, as this causes breakouts. Thankfully, Aveeno®’s Tone + Texture collection is non-comedogenic—meaning it won’t clog your pores—and is specifically designed for sensitive skin. The Daily Renewing Lotion gives all-day comfortable hydration amid rising summer temps, while the Renewing Night Cream intensely nourishes skin all through the late hours. Free of fragrance, parabens, and dyes, both instantly soften skin without it feeling oily.

The bottom line

You don’t need a 10-step routine filled with expensive oils and elaborate toners to achieve effortless-looking summertime radiance. You just need some reliable favourites (don’t forget your SPF!). Whether you’re a skincare maven or a product-curious newbie, Aveeno® is always approachable and affordable, thanks to a unique blend of nature and science that only gets better over time. Case in point: The Tone + Texture collection is sustainably-minded from formula to packaging, using bottles made with 30 per cent post-consumer recycled plastic—so you can feel good about what you put on your skin from start to finish. This season, refreshing your complexion has never been so easy.

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