The Century-Old French Girl Skincare Secret That’s Taking Over Haircare

Discover the gentle new way to have clean, soft and healthy hair.

Photography, Carlyle Routh. Hair, Justin German for Makeup, Simone Otis for Manicure, Khristinne Manuszak for Fashion assistant, Katie Goodfellow. Photography assistant, Kevin Bryan. Model, Elise Gatschene for Sutherland Models.

Micellar water has been around since the early 1900s. It was developed in France so women would have a no-rinse, soap-free product to wash their faces with instead of harsh city water. But now this ingredient is being used in shampoos and conditioners.

The new Pantene Pro-V Micellar Gentle Cleansing Water and Moisturizing Milk collection gently removes impurities from your hair. These products also infuse your hair with a blend of Pro-V nutrients to strengthen your hair shaft. Both of these products are rich in antioxidants and free of parabens and dyes. The shampoo is also silicone-free and is ideal for anyone who frequently washes their hair because of the environment or their work or workout routine.

“The products are for someone who notices after a day or two of scalp buildup that she can’t get the look she wants out of her hair,” says Dr. Jeni Thomas, principal scientist at Pantene. #purehairbliss

Here are our top tips and tricks on how micelles can help you get that squeaky-clean feeling without the damage.

Gentle cycle

Micellar water has enjoyed cult status for years among beauty pros and enthusiasts. This gentle product hydrates, cleans and removes makeup without stripping your skin of moisture.

Mighty micelles

So what exactly is micellar cleansing water? It’s water that contains cleaning agents, or surfactants, that form microscopic spheres called micelles. These spheres attract or cling to the makeup, oil and dirt on your skin.

Scrub that idea

Traditional cleansers are great at removing oil, but they strip away lipids, which can damage the skin’s moisture barrier. This leads to redness, irritation and discomfort.

Breaking news

Here are the top signs your hair is in a fragile state and needs a little TLC: It is weighed down by heavy conditioners, and the tips feel dry and crunchy due to exposure to pollution and UV rays.

Did you know?

Around the world, 79 per cent of women agree that shampoo is the most important part of their hair-care routine, yet women with fragile hair are afraid frequent washing will leave their hair stripped, weakened and dry.

Clean start

Wash your hair with Pantene’s new Pro-V Micellar shampoo and conditioner and you’ll never have to worry about stripping or weakening it. Both products contain micelles, which gently remove oil and dirt and leave your hair feeling healthy, clean and revitalized.

Photography by Daniel Harrison.