Five Luxe Upgrades For Your Bed in 2021

From your mattress to your bedside table, these touches will elevate your sleeping experience so you can enjoy what you really deserve—more sleep.

You’ve almost certainly heard this stat: Over their lifetime, the average person will spend 25 years in bed. How you feel about that fact might depend entirely on how much you like your mattress. Has it succumbed to squeaky springs, inexplicable stains and lumpy pillows? Or is it a calming oasis, the place that you dream of snuggling back into almost as soon as the alarm clock goes off? 

Elevating your sleeping arrangement is one of the best self-care investments you can make heading into 2021, especially after a year that turned all of us into insomniacs at one point or another. The gift of a good night’s sleep and cozy bedroom is priceless—these five upgrades make it totally achievable. 

#1. Refresh your mattress

…and by “refresh,” we mean it may be time to get a new one. According to the Sleep Foundation and the Better Sleep Council, mattresses should be replaced every 6 to 10 years! (That is, of course, if you want to avoid the horrors of sagging springs, poor spinal support and a proliferation of dust mites.) If it’s time to upgrade, you can join over 200,000 Canadians who have invested in an Endy mattress. Their signature product, the Endy Mattress is made in Canada, has an average 4.9/5 star rating with more than 19,000 customer reviews and, crucially, won’t break the bank. (That California king you’ve been dreaming about? Yours for under $1000.) Endy’s Comfort Foam top layer is designed for comfort and support, but also air flow, which equals breathability. (And all the hot sleepers rejoiced!)

#2. Create your perfect pillow

If you’ve ever found yourself in a Goldilocks pillow situation—this one’s too firm, that one’s too flat—the Endy Pillow is about to make all your dreams come true. This pillow is designed to be customized: Simply unzip the pillow’s core, and add or remove the high-density shredded memory foam until you’ve calibrated it to exactly your perfect size and squishiness. Each pillow comes with a bag to store the excess memory foam, and you can even ask for more on request if you like an extra tall, extra firm pillow. 

#3. Stylize your bedside 

This is equal parts form and function: Decorating your bedside table with a few special items—a divinely scented hand-cream (may we suggest the Rose City Goods Frankincense & Jasmine Face & Body Cream?), a lavender pillow spray to spritz right before bed, a book, a calming Rose City Goods Sandalwood Rose candle—is both a sensorial delight and immensely practical, since you’ll have all the essentials in reach. Find a wicker basket or a vintage silver tray to keep things organized and beautiful. If you tend to get thirsty during the night, an elegant carafe and tumbler would elevate the room to chic new heights. Add a vase and a lamp (with good light for reading) and you’ll sleep next to a dreamy bedside tablescape every night. 

#4. Find some zen with a weighted blanket 

Whether you’re a restless sleeper or could just use a bit of extra coddling, a weighted blanket can be immensely calming and comforting. The Endy Weighted Blanket channels Deep Pressure Therapy, which recreates that soothing feeling you get from a hug, to distribute weight evenly across your body. This can trigger an overall body response that helps reduce stress and promote restfulness. We’ll sleep to that!

#5. Warm your toes on a sheepskin rug 

Make the transition from bed-to-outside-world a little less jarring (especially on frigid winter mornings) by ensuring the first thing your toes touch in the morning is something soft. It’s a little thing, but starting the day by sinking your feet into the snuggly softness of a sheepskin rug (faux or real) beside your bed will help start your day off on the right foot. Plus, the Scandi aesthetic of it is very on trend for interiors right now.