5 Celebrity-Approved Red Carpet-Ready Hairstyles

Get ready for the Oscars with these show-stopping looks.

Red carpet season is in full swing and whether you’re into soft romantic waves, flouncy blowouts or sleek updos, there’s a hairstyle to inspire everyone (and attempt from home).

When digging into the secret behind these flawless celebrity looks, we discovered that its equal parts technique and choice of styling tools—and Dyson’s hair tools are usually the first to come to mind. Their innovative and award-winning range of styling tools has drummed up a lot of attention for good reason. They’ve each been technologically engineered to create better styles, for different hair types with less heat damage.

To really get into award show season, we asked celebrity hairstylist and Dyson Global Styling Ambassador Matthew Collins for his hottest styling tips and how we can recreate six of our favourite looks from home using Dyson’s beloved tool collection, including the Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryer, the Dyson AirwrapTM multi-styler and the Dyson CorraleTM straightener.

Camila Cabello’s tousled bangs and textured waves at the Grammys


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To create this sexy style, start by wetting the roots of your fringe really well and applying a small amount of volume mousse. Next, grab a brush and the powerful Dyson Supersonic hair dryerTM. Pop on the Styling concentrator attachment and blow dry your bangs in a back-and-forth motion so they’ll eventually lay flat, instructs Collins. The wide and thin design of the Styling concentrator is great for focused styling since it creates a high-velocity blade of air.

Then, swap in the Gentle Air attachment (great for faster, cooler drying without extra heat damage), flip your head upside down and blow-dry the rest of your hair to create as much volume as possible. Add in some textured waves using the Dyson Corrale straightenerTM. Taking inch-wide sections, start slow at the roots and turn the Corrale out away from your face and then move quickly from the midshaft to the ends.

“The Corrale has flexing plates, so it gathers every hair in your section properly, so you don’t have to squeeze the straightener. What this means is you get greater control, making it much easier to style and allows you to use fewer passes, which means less heat damage,” says Collins. Finish by brushing your hair with a wide-tooth comb, spray some texture spray and bind a few pieces with a little bit of dry paste.

Lizzo’s glossy curls at the Grammys


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Lizzo stole the show with this slick look. Start with wet hair, then comb out tangles and use your fingers to help form your curls. “Apply lots of smoothing conditioning products like leave-in conditioner and oil to get that high gloss look,” says Collins. Apply hair gel throughout for hold (not too much—you don’t want stiff curls). Gently comb out any tangles with a wide-tooth comb and softly blow dry using the Dyson Supersonic hair dryerTM and the Diffuser attachment. Diffuse your hair from the side rather than cupping your curl clumps from the bottom. Finish with a shine spray to make it look even glossier.

Bebe Rexha’s disco blowout at the Grammys


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Rexha turned heads with this Farrah Fawcett-inspired ‘do. Part your hair down the middle and using the Dyson Airwrap multi-stylerTM with the 30mm Airwrap barrel, start curling your hair out and away from your face. The cool tip on the Dyson Airwrap multi-stylerTM rotates to change the direction of your curl, making it easy to mimic this style. As you curl each section, leave the Airwrap on hot for 10 to 15 seconds, then use the cold shot for five to 10 seconds to help set your curl. When you get to the front of your hair, hold the Airwrap at a 45-degree angle to create the flip. Use a lot of mousse or texture spray to add elasticity to your hair, suggests Collins. To finish, gently brush it out and apply a mist of strong hold hairspray, making sure your hair is lifting away from your face.

Brandi Carlile’s short, wavy look at the Grammys


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Create Carlile’s cool wavy style by first applying mousse or texture spray on damp hair. Then, use the Dyson Airwrap multi-stylerTM with the Small firm smoothing brush attachment and brush your hair back until dry. “You can also brush it a little bit forward on top to create that kick-up she has,” says Collins. Next, grab your Dyson Corrale straightenerTM and create different types of textures and curls. “It’s very sporadic, not perfect,” says Collins. Finally, apply a little bit of texture paste to create smoothness and shine. Hot tip: For an extra voluminous side part, style your hair in the opposite direction and then flip it over.

Kerry Washington’s voluminous natural ponytail at Critics Choice


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“One of the greatest things we’ve seen in the last few years is embracing natural hair on the red carpet, which is amazing,” says Collins. To create this extra voluminous ponytail, start by getting extensions that match your natural hair colour and texture. Wet them, hang them on clothes hangers, and let them air dry or use your Dyson Supersonic hair dryerTM with the Diffuser attachment for five to 10 minutes. For your hair, create a centre part and apply a light gel, then pull it back into a lower ponytail at the occipital bone. Start clipping in your extensions throughout your hair up to behind your ears, and then blend them in. You can do this upside down to create extra volume. Use a wide tooth comb to break up the texture a little, as it’s meant to look a bit tousled.

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