This Is the Newest Go-To Way to Have Clean, Beautiful Hair

As a bonus, activated charcoal is all natural!

Photography by Carlyle Routh. Styling by Eliza Grossman. Creative direction by Brittany Eccles. Hair, Justin German for Makeup, Simone Otis for Manicure, Khristinne Manuszak for Fashion assistant, Katie Goodfellow. Photography assistant, Kevin Bryan. Model, Brianna Faughnan for Next Canada.

It has been used for eons as a purifying agent. But now this detoxifying ingredient is having a pop-culture beauty moment. It’s in everything from masks to toothpaste—and now it’s being used in shampoos and conditioners. But activated charcoal has nothing to do with the blackened residue on your barbeque grill! It is created when wood or bamboo is burned at a high temper­ature without oxygen, resulting in extremely porous or “activated” char that absorbs many of the molecules it comes into contact with. It’s a natural dirt magnet.

Pantene Pro-V Charcoal shampoo contains black charcoal sourced from renewable bamboo, while Pantene Pro-V Charcoal conditioner contains white charcoal from the Binchotan oak tree. The charcoal in these products collects oil and dirt, leaving the hair feeling renewed and refreshed. The added bonus? Both of them deposit pro-vitamin B5 and antioxidants in the hair. Plus, they are free of parabens, dyes and silicones and can be used on all hair types. #purehairbliss

Here are some of the top ways to incorporate activated charcoal into your beauty routine:

Mask Magic

The super-absorbent properties of activated charcoal make it perfect for unclogging pores. Mix one capsule of activated charcoal with two teaspoons of aloe vera gel and smooth over your face. Let dry and rinse off completely. Your skin will feel soft and smooth.

Pearly whites

It seems counterintuitive, but gently brushing your teeth with black activated charcoal powder mixed with water is a natural whitener as it absorbs plaque and lifts stains from your teeth. Try it once every other week. You can also mix it with your toothpaste—it’s odourless, tasteless and non-toxic.

Body scrubs

Charcoal body scrubs are great exfoliators and natural cleansers. They draw bacteria and micro-particles to the skin’s surface. Regular use leads to flawless-looking, smooth skin.

Wash & Glow

Did you know: If you go several days between washes, your hair becomes weighed down due to products like dry shampoo? The result? It changes the way your hair behaves and moves. Say bye-bye to drab, oily hair and wash your locks with products like the new Pantene Pro-V Charcoal collection. The shampoo and conditioner both contain detoxifying activated charcoal that absorbs dirt and oil. Your hair will feel soft, clean and revitalized.

Photography by Daniel Harrison.