The Ultimate Splurge for Mother’s Day

For the moms who love to document it all: she’ll fall in love with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series 5G

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Moms: we would be lost without the strong, loving maternal figures who’ve shaped our lives for the better. The shoulder we’ve cried on, the first call we make in good times and bad, the game-but-confused co-star of your most liked TikToks…she deserves to be spoiled, and Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series 5G
Samsung Galaxy S20 Series 5G

While nothing will ever compete with that colourful, “impressionism-meets-surrealism”-inspired vase you made for her at a paint-your-own-pottery place when you were seven years old, we do have a suggestion this year for something that will make your mama feel more celebrated than ever. Enter the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series 5G, a revolutionary new generation of smartphones receiving some well-deserved buzz. We get that it’s a splurge, but splitting gifts is what siblings are for, right? To help you make your case to your brother / sister / cousin / dad, here are a few reasons why this powerful piece of tech is the ultimate Treat Your Mom move for Mother’s Day 2020.

#1 Her photography game will get an instant upgrade

It’s time for Mom to pick up a smartphone that’s worthy of her obsession with photographing Every. Single. Thing. The Galaxy S20 Series 5G is groundbreaking stuff: Powered by AI, it has up to a 108MP High Resolution camera, and 30x or 100x zoom capabilities, depending on the model. What does that mean? She’ll be able to capture incredible detail in every shot — even from far away, with Space Zoom — for richly-coloured, nuanced images. Bird watching in the backyard, anyone? Because the Galaxy S20 Series 5G also records in 8K, the video resolution is strong enough that you can pull amazing high-resolution stills right from your favourite video moments with the 8K Video Snap feature. Mom’s high-quality recordings – your nephew’s first steps, the family’s Happy Birthday serenade to Grandma, the dog doing something cute – will be so stunning she could enter them in a film festival. Or she can just send them to you to be part of the moment from afar.

#2 She’ll not miss the perfect shot

Not sure if it’s a moment worthy of a still shot or video? With Single Take, the Galaxy S20 Series 5G lets Mom do both. Using multiple cameras and revolutionary AI, this feature does the thinking for her, capturing up to 10 seconds of content in a variety of formats. Single Take on the Galaxy S20 Series 5G takes videos, shoots stills and even makes GIFs! The batteries on these phones are also HUGE, so Mom can capture to her heart’s content without missing out because her phone died, either.

#3 She’ll give you a run for your selfie money

We can’t not shout out the front camera on the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, the most premium model in this series. At 40 megapixels, it’s the most powerful front camera on a Galaxy phone yet, which means Mom is working with a professional-level piece of tech when she’s getting her selfie on. She’ll not only stand out from the crowd, she’ll look incredible and have fun doing it.

#4 Her video chat experience will reach new heights

Right now, staying connected to the people we love is more important than ever, and chatting via video is key. Google Duo integration on the Galaxy S20 Series provides effortless, high-quality video chats with up to eight people on one call. You can fit the entire family in the frame using the wide-angle mode. Since the feature is also compatible across operating systems, no one will be left out of group hangs with Mom.