The Coolest Ice Cream Shops in Vancouver

We have the scoop on the tastiest spots in town

Is anything more delightful than a next-level ice cream cone that looks as good as it tastes? (ICYWW, no). It’s legit what we live for in the hot months. Satisfy your sweet tooth and get mad Instagram likes with the best ice cream in Vancouver. And guess what? If you’re curious to know what the rest of this beautiful country has on offer in the ice cream department, click here.

720 Sweets & Etc. in Vancouver (Photo: Courtesy 720 Sweets & Etc.)
720 Sweets & Etc. in Vancouver (Photo: Courtesy 720 Sweets & Etc.)

Mister Artisan Ice Cream

Find it: 1141 Mainland St.,
The atmosphere: The minimalist décor puts all the attention right where it should be: on the ice cream. Plus, they make their treats right in front of you with liquid nitrogen, which gives your cup or cone a cloud-like halo.
Number of flavours: They typically have six to eight seasonal and classic flavours available. Additional menu items include ice cream sandwiches, floats and s’mores.
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—their chocolate flavour is vegan and is made with cashew and coconut milk.
The most unique flavour: Thai Milk Tea
Don’t miss: Double Oreo—if it was good enough for Adele to give it a shoutout on stage, we’re positive you’ll love it, too.

Rain or Shine

Find it: 3382 Cambie St., 6001 University Blvd., 1926 West 4th Ave.,
The atmosphere: Ice cream meets Taco Tuesday at this colourful ice cream shop kitted out with wooden tables and cool chandeliers.
Number of flavours: 11, plus seasonal options
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—all of their ice cream is gluten-free and egg-free because it’s Philadelphia-style. Their Coconut Chocolate Chunk flavour is also vegan.
The most unique flavour: Blueberry Balsamic
Don’t miss: Waffle cone-like tacos with your choice of toppings to fulfill *all* of your frosty fantasies.

Earnest Ice Cream 

Find it: 1485 Frances St., 3992 Fraser St., 1829 Quebec St., 127 W 1st St., North Vancouver,
The atmosphere: This ice cream parlour checks off all the criteria we need for the perfect ’gram: exposed brick walls, minimalist white design and marble countertops.
Number of flavours: 
12-16 flavours are usually available with rotating feature flavours sprinkled in throughout the month
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—there 2-4 vegan flavours available in-store, including Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel and Cherry Chip.
The most unique flavour: Spruce Bud—a woodsy, totally west coast treat made with spruce tree buds.
Don’t miss: London Fog

720 Sweets & Etc.

Find it: 3278 West Broadway, 2675 Kingsway, 
The atmosphere: “Oohs” and “ahhs” fill the space as spectators watch their ice cream being made with liquid nitrogen. While the décor is minimalist, the ice cream is far from it—they have *the* most creative toppings, including tufts of cotton candy, popcorn and dry ice.
Number of flavours: Four at a time, with one to two flavours rotated out every month.
Dietary friendly: No
The most unique flavours: Their signature creation—Milk’ee soft serve, where bubble tea meets ice cream. This flavour is made with a strong milk tea ice cream base and is topped with caramel boba.
Don’t miss: The classic Cereal Milk in a beautiful blue hue. Try it in a stuffed taiyaki (a Japanese-inspired fish-shaped cake)!

Soft Peaks

Find it: 25 Alexander St., 4603 Kingsway,
The atmosphere: This inviting ice cream shop is serving up *literal* mountains of soft serve ice cream.
Number of flavours: Choose from 11 classics and one seasonal flavour crafted into a perfect swirl. They also offers a variety of ice milk bars and milkshakes.
Dietary friendly: Yes—dairy-free ice cream bars are available, including Strawberry Sorbet and Pina Colada.
The most unique flavour: Green Forest, a signature twist topped with matcha power, sweet red beans and condensed milk.
Don’t miss: North Pole Breakfast—another one of the shop’s signature twists topped with TimTam flakes and chocolate syrup.

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