The Coolest Ice Cream Shops in Montreal

We have the scoop on all the tastiest spots in town

For those times when a scoop (or two) of ice cream is the only thing that will do, we did the hard work for you (lolz) and rounded up the best ice cream in Montreal. Heading outside of the city for your next crème glacée craving? Click here to treat yourself to the best cones from coast to coast.

Hoche Glacee in Montreal (Photo: Georges Dutil)
Hoche Glacee in Montreal (Photo: Georges Dutil)

Cremerie Pandan

Find it: 3504 Notre-Dame St. W,
The atmosphere: The classy all-white shop is bright and fresh with antique frame accents, succulents and other greenery scattered throughout the storefront.
Number of flavours:
Seven flavours, plus one flavour of the week and two vegan options
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—they provide vegan options (like, Mango Lassi and Banana Chocolate) and accommodations for those with nut allergies (though their ice cream may contain traces of both dairy and nuts).
The most unique flavour: Black Sesame
Don’t miss: Strawberry Rose Shortcake. Add some house-made toppings to dress up your dessert!

La Diperie

Find it: 68 Ave des Pins E., 5582 Monkland Ave., 170 Rue Saint Amable, 1481 St Catherine St. E,
The atmosphere: This popular ice cream destination allows you build your own cone with more dips, toppings and flavours than you could possibly imagine! The shop is v. charming and makes a great gathering place for friends and family when you’re in need of a cool treat. Plus, they’re home to an eye-catching turquoise wall which doubles as a great splash of colour for your IG.
Number of flavours: 
They offer vanilla ice cream dipped in one of 40 Belgian chocolate dips and your choice of 20 toppings.
Dietary friendly:
 Yes—they offer vegan ice cream, dips and topping options.
The most unique flavour: Your ice cream is all what about what you make it—get creative with your toppings and dips! Some of their more unique dip flavours include Lavender and Activated Charcoal.
Don’t miss: Vanilla ice cream dipped in Oreo.

Les Givrés

Find it: 334 Rue de Castelnau E,  2730 Rue Masson,
The atmosphere: This sweet spot puts a focus on quality. They make their products in-house and use local, seasonal ingredients. The storefront is bright and decorated with colorful hues of purple and blue (talk about an instant mood boost!).
Number of flavours: 
They offer 15 ice cream flavours and 11 soft serve and sorbet flavours. Some flavours change with seasonal fruits available in Quebec.
Dietary friendly: Yes—they offer vegan ice cream and sorbets made from coconut cream.
The most unique flavour: Corn Turkey Peel (made with Quebec corn ice cream) or Bagel (made with cream cheese ice cream, bagel croutons and strawberry jelly)
Don’t miss: Pistachio—they roast pistachios and make their own pistachio butter in-store.

Hoche Glacé

Find it: 2225 Avenue Bennett, @hocheglace
The atmosphere: This ice cream shop is Montreal’s *first* entirely vegan ice cream spot (plant-based eaters, rejoice!). Enjoy your cone in a bright white shop with big windows and classic wood details straight from your Pinterest board.
Number of flavours: 
14 ice cream flavours, seven soft serve flavours, and one pet-friendly ice cream sandwich! 
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—their ice cream is vegan and is made with no dairy and no eggs.
The most unique flavour: Beetroot soft serve
Don’t miss: The classic chocolate. If you’re a *true* chocoholic, get it dipped in some—you guessed it—chocolate!

Crèmerie Bo-Bec

Find it: 1300 Avenue Laurier E., @cremerie-bo-bec
The atmosphere: This ice cream parlour has been located in the heart of the Mont-Royal Plateau since 1989 and is run by Mr. Bo-Bec and a small team that puts care into every scoop. Its retro vibe will take you right back to your childhood summers!
Number of flavours:
Over two dozen flavours, plus traditional soft serve ice cream
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—they offer a few dairy-free sorbets.
The most unique flavour: Rosewater
Don’t miss: Maple Taffy

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