3 Natural Makeup Looks for Every Occasion

FLARE deputy editor Charlotte Herrold tries three natural makeup looks for brunch with the girls, a day at the office and a romantic date night out

Whether it’s Monday morning or Saturday night, we’re always on the lookout for quick and easy natural makeup looks that accentuate our best features and give us that natural glow. We asked makeup artist extraordinaire Claudine Baltazar to build three gorgeous, wearable looks that are easy to recreate at home, all using natural makeup from Burt’s Bees.

Look 1: Girls’ Day Out

Start with Goodness Glows Liquid Foundation in a shade that matches your skin tone. If you have pretty smooth skin, you can apply the product using a flat brush or beauty blender; for uneven skin, try using a stippling brush, which is smaller and better suited for textured complexions.

Use Concealer in your shade to cover up dark circles and imperfections; choose a shade lighter than your skin tone and use it anywhere you would put highlighter (like in the inner corner of your eyes, along your brow bone and above your lip).

Apply Burt’s Bees 100% natural Nourishing Mascara to your lashes. Pro tip: If you look down while applying , you won’t get product on your eyelids.

Fill in your brows with Eyebrow Pencil by brushing up, using a lighter hand toward the inner corners, with more defined strokes as you move to the outer edge of the brow.

Draw attention to the high points of your bone structure using the 100% natural Highlighter Stick on your cheeks, brow bone and Cupid’s Bow. Apply this with your fingers as the heat of your hand will warm the product for easy blending.

Use a Lip + Cheek Stick as a rosy blush tint on the apples of your cheeks. These Burt’s Bees products are perfect for achieving a dewy look, because they are packed with naturally hydrating ingredients, like coconut oil.

Apply Nourishing Eyeliner to your top lash line for a fuller look. Brown and grey eyeliners are subtle enough for day looks, while still making a statement.

Add Bronzer Stick to your look with this easy trick: Draw a number 3 on your face, starting at your temple, moving to your cheek, and then to the base of your jaw.

Complete the look with a moisturizing Liquid Lipstick for a pop of colour.

Look 2: Office Makeup

Start with Concealer, applying as directed above.

Apply Mattifying Powder Foundation in a shade that matches your skin tone. Powder foundations are great for the office because they have less slip than liquid products, giving you more of a matte look.

For subtle definition and a bit of shimmer, use the Eyeshadow Trio in Shimmering Nudes. The colours are very wearable for daytime, while still adding dimension to your eyes.

Get a natural-looking flush by swirling Burt’s Bees Mineral Blush in Bare Peach on the apples of your cheeks if you have a square shaped-face, or a little higher up if your face is more round. Pro tip: Swipe some of that blush above your temples for added definition.

Apply Eyebrow PencilNourishing Mascara and Nourishing Eyeliner as directed above.

Finish off with Glossy Lipstick for a fresh, sun-kissed look.

Look 3: Date Night

Start with Goodness Glows Liquid Foundation and Concealer as directed above.

Use the Eyeshadow Trio in Dusky Woods to build the perfect smoky eye. Apply the main colour over your entire eyelid; then put the lightest colour in the inner corners of your eye and under your brown bone, followed by the darkest colour along your lash line and your crease.

Apply Eyebrow PencilNourishing Mascara, and Nourishing Eyeliner as directed above.

Put those cream-based sticks to work. Use a Lip + Cheek StickHighlighter Stick and Bronzer Stick to give your face colour, tint and a dewy glow.

Add powder Blush high on your cheekbones to define your bone structure.

Lastly, use a 100% long-wearing Liquid Lipstick to get a look that will last through the night! Pro tip: For seriously long wear, apply one coat of lipstick, blot and add a little translucent powder to your lips, then apply a second coat.