On Kimye’s Fifth Anniversary, We Look Back at 5 Wedding Trends They Pretty Much Invented

Flower walls for all!


Kongrats Congrats to Kim and Kanye, who are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary on May 24, an especially impressive nuptial milestone for any member of the Kardashian clan, particularly Kim, whose previous marriage to Kris Humphries lasted only 72 days.

While woods would be considered the customary gift for such an occasion, we feel such a present may be in poor taste, given a certain situation with a certain ex-BFF. So instead of Googling alternate gift ideas for two of the world’s most polarizing moguls, we decided to focus on the gifts that their marriage gave to us—five enduring trends that this over-the-top wedding kicked off.

Because when you don’t exchange vows on ecstasy or amidst whispers of “I give it six f-cking months,” your multimillion-dollar party can really stand the test of time.

The flower wall


When the focal point of your wedding venue is a golden toilet tower, you better make sure the other décor elements are equally as grandiose (and fragrant). It’s a good thing Yeezus has a thing for floral walls, gifting them to his bride on multiple occasions. In this case, the blooms were white gardenias, white peonies and white tuberose from Paris and Belgium arranged by one of Florence’s oldest flower shops and totalling more than $100,000.

Since the unveiling of the KKWFW, botanical backdrops have become an elegant event staple, typically doing double duty as both ceremony décor and photo booth backdrop.

Don’t have six figures to drop on thousands of blooms? Opt for hanging floral garlands as a minimalist alternative.

The social-media free ceremony

There’s not much that Kim Kardashian won’t share on social media, but on her big day she wanted to make sure her friends and family focused on what was happening IRL.

Not only were guests required to sign a strict confidentiality agreement, but all cell phones were also banned from the celebration.

Kudos to Kiki reminding us that sometimes life’s most important moments don’t need to be ’grammed.

Want to work this idea into your own party but don’t have a separate security team to guard devices at an undisclosed location? Try adding some polite messaging to your invitations and have your officiant remind guests to switch their phones off at the beginning of the ceremony.

The second dress


The idea of finding “the one” when it comes to wedding dresses is about as passé as tossing a bouquet. Kimmy basically taught us this when she ditched her tired $500,000 Givenchy Haute Couture gown halfway through the night in favour of a more party-ready crystal and pearl encrusted Balmain minidress.

Opting for multiple dresses actually sort of takes the pressure out of the entire wedding dress shopping experience, which is part of the reason this trend went mainstream.

In case you don’t have a cool mil to spend on your outfits, may we recommend a few of these low-key luxe bridal ensembles?

Ditching the idea that only the bride can wear white

This badass photo may have led you to believe that Solange popularized the idea of allowing guests to wear white, but nope. Kim actually test drove the bridal clone vibe during her wedding to K-Hump then (thank gawd) refined the concept for her wedding to Kanye.

The takeaway here is that allowing the bridal party and guests to wear white is a great idea that can result in some very cool photos, as long as the attire is sleek, modern and decidedly not bridal. Also, never invite Jaden Smith.

“Just Married” jackets


The modern alternative to rolling out of your reception in a vintage car decorated with tin cans and sloppy signage? Sashaying away in custom cover-ups, obviously!

Kimye ignited our love of nuptial twinning with this pair of leather jackets customized by Brooklyn artist Wes Lang, who also collaborated with Kanye during the Yeezus tour.

Can’t stomach the idea of purchasing a leather jacket you’ll literally never wear again? Get on the list to borrow this one in exchange for a bottle of wine or go with embroidered denim for a Hilary Swank-approved twist on the trend.