Are Celeb Candle Lines a *Thing* Now?

Drake's been giving his Better World Fragrance House candles to all his celeb besties

Update: On July 15, Drake re-shared a series of posts to his Instagram stories from other celebs showing off their new Better World Fragrance House candles. Celebs like Kehlani as well as Steph and Ayesha Curry were gifted the personalized candles. We’re one step closer to an official launch, people!

Over the years, celebs have sought out various ways to get inside the homes of their fans—via merchandise, of course, be it through namesake jewellery lines, tequila collabs with their co-stars or lifestyle brands. And now, celebs are ready to tackle the world of scents. Because forget Bath & Body Works, the hottest candles in town are celeb endorsed!

On June 16, Drake dropped a hint for fans about his latest business venture, posting a cryptic AF photo on his Instagram stories. “@betterworldfragrancehouse Available soon cc:@ovoniko,” the rapper wrote over a photo of what appears to be his dining room table, with four giant blue candles lined up across it.

(Photo: Instagram/@mattebabel)
(Photo: Instagram/@mattebabel)

A quick scan of the aforementioned Insta handle shows that @betterworldfragrancehouse—which has no content—follows only one person…Drake. Folks, Drake is 100% starting a candle line.

But he’s definitely not the first. Before Drizzy attempted to titillate our nostrils with the smell of “Williamsburg Sleepover” (the legit name on one of the candles…what does that even smell like…a New York City steamy subway vent?), actor Gwyneth Paltrow and her brand GOOP launched the “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle in January; and in February, singer Erykah Badu launched a similarly “vaginally scented” incense line. And while, yes, I am 100% here for candles that smell like the sweat of our fave celebs just as they get offstage during a 30-city tour, I also have to ask: What the heck is up with celeb candle lines? I just have so many questions.

Why did they decide on candles?

The most overarching question that arises when contemplating the business venture of celeb candle lines is arguably the most important: Why did celebs decide candle lines were the next *it* thing? I love a good candle as much as the next person, but TBH, a phat candle with a metal leaf motif holder is honestly the last thing I think about when it comes to my favourite high-profile celebs. TBH, it reminds me more of my aunt’s house and her ever-present collection of said candles that are in constant rotation depending on the season. I know Drake must need as much light as he can get to illuminate the cavernous passageways of his monster-sized home, but a tequila brand definitely feels a bit more on brand.

Who comes up with—and tests out—the scents?

Another important question: Who comes up with and tests out the scents? While Drake’s impending line features scents like “Muskoka” (I’m going to guess a heavy dose of pine needle) and “Sweet Ting” (a throwback to sugary sweet Lip Smackers + cinnamon buns?), what exactly *is* the scent of Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina? And who, may I ask, was the person that did the research for this particular candle scent? Was it Paltrow herself (makes the most sense), or was it some underpaid assistant who I pray has access to all of the GOOP products, most especially a *very* strong healing stone?

Do they do research at Bath & Body Works?

As with any venture; it’s inevitable that before making the foray into the big, bad world of candles, said celebs would have to do market research and suss out the competitors. And where better to do so than the Meccas of scented candles: Bath & Body Works! Is it just me, or does the image of Paltrow slinking around a suburban mall, sporadically sniffing at massive candles not send a jolt of joy through your body?

How do they come up with these names?

Alongside the scent inventors, we have to meet the person or persons who are in charge for naming the candles in many of these celeb lines. Because this is 100% not the place for generic “sweet pea blossom” or “ocean breeze.” Nope. For his fans, Drizzy has given us something with which to soak our homes in…Carby Musk. Drake, what in the heck is carby musk?! It sounds like an off-the-menu order at a budget Italian restaurant, or the name for the pheromones exuded after a particularly big bowl of pasta. Or does it just straight up smell like delicious pasta? Because that I could definitely get behind.

Is this a response to COVID?

It’s become clearer than ever that 2020 is *the year of the candle*—and is there a very specific reason that this might be? (Aside from the fact that celebs have literally made a foray into every possible revenue stream. And also, that candles just smell great and bring so much joy, of course). With the pandemic unfortunately affecting businesses around the world (and not to mention, the general public getting pretty fed up with celebrity antics) there’s a very real possibility that these celebs had a very frank tete-a-tete with their managers, who informed them that, lest they find another revenue stream, their net worth *may* not make it through COVID. (Kylie Jenner’s billionaire status has already been a casualty, after all). If that’s the case, kudos to these inventive thinkers (or most likely their teams), for whipping up another way in which to market themselves ASAP.

And…should I buy one?

I mean the answer is pretty clearly no. An overpriced candle that probably smells like something I could pick up from the dollar store? Not in this economy! But as much as it pains me to admit…I will 100% buy a Drake candle.