Photography via Instagram/GigiHadid

Zayn Malik Bakes Pies for Gigi Hadid, and This One is Her Fave

We demand a recipe.

Celebrity power couples: they’re just like us. Except…can anyone actually remember the last time their S.O. baked them a pastry that didn’t come out of a Pillsbury can?

In Gigi Hadid’s “73 Questions” video with Vogue, she revealed a series of juicy, flaky, mouthwatering secrets about her long time boo. 1) Zayn Malik likes to cook pies. 2) Her favourite is chicken and sweet corn. 3) It tastes “like a hug.”

Obviously, the former One Direction member needed a charming gimmick to help him pick up girls—and pie-baking was more effective than his chart-topping pop career. But how was he keeping this talent a secret? After some further digging, we discovered that this isn’t the first time Malik’s pastry art has been mentioned in the media. A couple weeks back, the “Pillowtalk” singer told the Evening Standard that he has “got into a thing of cooking pies recently.” He then added, “I make my own pastry, roll it out and everything.” W-O-W. If you’ve ever made a pie, you’ll know it’s not easy; and that making the pastry is the trickiest part.

Few things can compare to the warm hug of an oven-baked aphrodisiac, but when Gigi was asked about the most romantic thing Zayn has done, she answered: “A couple years ago on Valentine’s Day we went on a boat trip.” A boat trip? Really, Gigi? That’s cute and all, but don’t you think a homemade pie is a little more romantic? Anyone can rent a boat, but money can’t buy baking skills.

Here’s hoping that someone teases a vid of Malik’s pie-making process. Because that would be something worth watching again and again and again. We might even try baking one ourselves. (Homemade crust and all.)

Watch Gigi’s full Vogue interview below.